The Brotherhood of Bloodmoon


The Brotherhood of Bloodmoon Saga

   Bloodmoon's roleplay saga is divided into three "books", they are as follows:

   Book I : Moonrise(Chapters I - VI, The events of the Emerald Dream RPs)

   Book II: To Be Unspoken (Chapters VII - XVI , The events of the first tour on WrA)

   Book III: Wildfire ( Chapters XVII - Present) , The events of the second tour on WrA)

"Purpose" : A Story of Dedication and Brotherhood

            Over 10,000 years ago, in what would one day be known as the Stonetalon Mountains, a small hunting party of Shadowhoof Tauren left to acquire the day's kill. The hunt would bear no meat, however, for one of the Hunters, that day would change the fate of his life and the lives of his ancestors forever.

            The Hunter, Korsinium Shadowhoof, was drawn to a cave a short distance off the hunting trail by voices he claimed he had heard. The curious Tauren treaded carefully through the cavern for an hour before he reached a large opening adorned with eerie looking cave paintings. There, in the center, was a small alter with a well-worn black book placed upon it. Korsinium picked the book up to inspect in closer, and, as he did so, the many demonic runes that littered its surface glowed a furious red. The Tauren was terrified, he dropped the book on the ground and took a few steps back when he noticed that what looked to be blood was smeared on his hands.

            By the time that Korsinium's fellow hunters stumbled upon him, he was in a full state of demonic posession. The Husk that he was made into let out an unnatural screech before slaughtering the unlucky Tauren. As Korsinium's body fed on the flesh of what were once his tribesmen, a white light filled the room, disorienting the posessed Tauren and granting a moment of clarity. The calm voice of a woman spoke out to Korsinium as he came to grips with the crimes he had committed. The voice did not reveal itself, however, it scolded Korsininum for having a lack of willpower and allowing for the powerful demon, Arugatheron Bloodmoon, to escape his prison and claim the Tauren's body as his vessel. The voice offered a way to break the demon's hold on the Bull, but there was of course a catch. If freed, Korsinium would have to form an order and dedicate his life to guarding the book he had found as well as any powerful artifact that could be abused by the mortal races of Azeroth. He would have to act as an unspoken protector of the world in which he lived and accept that he and all his ancestors would suffer for the Sins that he had committed. Korsinium, with few options available, accepted the offer and thus the first Ebon Nightmare was crowned and the first generation of the Brotherhood of Bloodmoon was formed.

      10,000 years later, a young Taura'kaya Brave, Thunderblade, was put upon the "throne" of the Ebon Nightmare. He made it his mission to maintain the tradition which the Brotherhood held dear. It seemed as if though the reign of the young brave was to be short lived after he failed to return from a trip to visit the Brotherhood's human branch in the city of Stratholme. The Brotherhood fell into disaray as Thunder's second, a rogue Troll named Myyah, took control as regent in the meantime.

     For years, Bloodmoon scouts were sent across the known world to recover the late leader's body, however, what they did find was far more shocking. Close to the Nightmare's last known location, they discovered Thunder in a state of undeath. It made far too much sense given the plague that had enveloped the area around the time of the Nightmare's disappearance. As a Death Knight, Thunder sought to obliterate the scouts as he had been commanded to do to all who were living. Yet, some of the Bloodmoon mages were able to imprison the Undead Bull and later freed him from the grasp of the Lich King by using the Bloodmoon Tome itself.

   For the many years afterward, the Brotherhood's adventures gained it fame. From its many wars with other such organizations such as the Horde Assembly and Adramalek's Nightmare Aegis to items of intrigue such as the Necromyst Matrix and the Wraith Bearings, the Brotherhood was well known indeed. However, it's luck would run short when a power-hungry Warlock by the name of Luh'zen would once again release Arugatheron Bloodmoon and offer himself to the demon as a vessel. The demon released a curse through the Tome that would affect every descendant of Korsinium Shadowhoof that would eventually result in death.

   After mere weeks of scrambling to find a way to break the curse, Thunderblade and all related to him, perished. Thunder's adopted daughter, Emeri gained the courage to step up and take up the reigns of the Brotherhood. She knew that the Brotherhood's time left on Azeroth was nearing its end and that they had only one more quest to embark upon. Killing Arugatheron Bloodmoon. Emeri had discovered a way to accomplish this, however, she required as many of the loyal that the Brotherhood had because the end result was death. She assembled what surviving brothers and sisters there were and told them of her plan to use the failsafe ritual hidden in code within the Bloodmoon Tome and that they would be sacrificing themselves for the good of Azeroth. Many knelt before the Elven girl, loyal. Many walked out the door and onto their own paths.

   Emeri then set out to Ashenvale along with the most loyal members of the Brotherhood that had stayed in order to end once and for all what started 10,000 year ago. In a large explosion of red light, the souls of the Brotherhood were used as payment to turn the Tome into a weapon which annihilated Arugatheron Bloodmoon from this world and all others. His accomplice, Lelth, however, escaped shortly before the Brotherhood's arrival as he was well aware of what was to be done.

    While most of the Brotherhood maintained their dedication and ended their lives as martyrs, many went their own way, Neerzlu for example now lives in sorrow for his failure to be there when the Brotherhood needed him the most in the Icy ruins of what was once Shadowstorm Keep in the Storm Peaks. Yet, while these former brothers and sisters live out their lives, something stirs deeps in the astral realm. A spirit that persists in restlessness due to a guilt greater then most can bear. A sense of the sun rising to herald in the new day persists within these former members. As if though the story of the Brotherhood of Bloodmoon did not end with their last stand in Ashenvale. We all someday return to dust, but, like saplings grow from the ashes of a wild fire, from dust we too can be reborn.

Moonrise - Chapter I: "A Dream Denied"

During the Brotherhood's Celebration of their taking of Shadowfang Keep, a barfight broke out. Two beligerant elves spewing racial slurs and violence, an instance that would leave a bad taste in the mouth of the Brotherhood. Myyah then proceeded to manipulate Thunder into using the Brotherhood to track the two down. After doing so, it was discovered they hailed from a small guild that was apart of the infamous Horde Assembly known as the "Azerothian Dreamers". Thunder was hesitiant to persue the matter any further when that was discovered, however, once again, Myyah manipulated the Bull into taking the fight further. War was declared on the Azerothian Dreamers and all that occured were a few street fights that yielded nothing of value to anyone but the manipulative troll herself. Eventually, a meeting was called to discuss terms of peace at the Brotherhood's headquarter inside the, at the time, abandoned Shadowfang Keep. The leader of the Azerothian Dreamers, Elizsha, then gave Thunder a speech which he would not soon forget, showing him how weak he had indeed been. After having his fault shoved in his face, Thunder swore that he would no longer rely on Myyah, he finally step up and become a leader. If only the Brotherhood had known the long chain of events that this small bar fight would set off....

Moonrise - Chapter II: "The Waters of Life "

      Tensions had risen severely between Thunder and his tops officers, the married couple, Myyah and Lococmono Highmountain. However, it failed in comparison the the Brotherhood's growing conflict with the Horde Assembly who had recently denied the Brotherhood membership due to the Azerothian Dreamer fiasco. This left Bloodmoon with House Shadowsworn and General Draskk's Band of Brothers as its only Allies. During this time, the Brotherhood discovered a portal to the Emerald Dream in Duskwood that fell on the intersection of several lay lines. It was found that the concentration of arcane and natural magics in this area was very high and the barrier between our world and the spirit world was thin. It was these qualities which allowed the various pools in the presence of the portal to cure diseases and grant wishes.

    One day, however, events would take a drastic turn for the worst. Myyah, in Thunder's absence, took it upon herself to removes Drunard, the Headmaster of Bloodmoon's Covenant of Rogues, from the guild. Myyah sent word to Thunder about this and tried to sully Drunard's good named, however, this time, Thunder knew what Myyah was trying to do. Before the day was done, Drunard was dawning Bloodmoon Colors...Myyah became livid. Thunder was met with harsh words from the married couple who acted as his officers, they felt that Thunder's reinstatement of Drunard had been a slap in the face to them. After hours of bitter arguement, Myyah and Locomono turned in their tabards and departed from the Brotherhood.

    While attempting to forget the sorry turn of events earlier in the week, the Brotherhood met with House Shadowsworn for a time of drink and good fun at the Inn in Murder Row. There a what seemed to be an old, sickly woman was present. No one seemed to recognize her and she kept her distance from all who approached her, that was, until one of House Shadowsworn's top officials, High Priestess Eviannya, caught sight of her. It was Elizsha, the leader of the Azerothian Dreamer, ill with a virulent strain of the plague. Healers had told her that death was days away, she came to see if she could say goodbye to friends and perhaps make peace with her fiance who she was to marry the next week. Then Thunder, out of the kindness of his heart offered Elizsha a way to save her life.

   Thunder told Elizsha of the enchanted pools which the Brotherhood had discovered earlier in the week and that he was willing to take her there so that she may live on. Elizsha, rightfully so, was suspicious of Thunder's intentions, after all, the man had tried to destroy her friends and family over a petty squabble. Yet, at the same time, it was clear that she had little choice, there was a chance he was telling the truth and if not she would die either way. In the end, Elizsha agreed and embarked on the journey to Duskwood with her former adversary. Thunder took the dying woman straight to those mystic waters in the shadow of the Emerald Dream portal, no strings attached. For the magics of the pools to work, however, Elizsha was to consult the magics of the area to see a glimpse of her fate that could or could not happen. In doing do, Elizsha allowed for herself to be primed for use of the healing qualities of the grove. Thunder then instructed her, all she needed to do was submerge herself in the waters and the forces around her would do the rest. Elizsha then stripped herself bare and delve enirely underwater where she was lulled into a deep sleep caused by the druidic magics present in the area. All the while her disease slowly, but surely, left her body. Thunder left shortly after the process began, all that could be done now was wait. In the end, Elizsha woke up two weeks later, right as rain.


Moonrise - Chapter III: " Cleansing and Corruption"

    As with most of the Brotherhood's History, Demons were just as much of a problem during the modern age as they were in the old days. Specifically, the Brotherhood's arch nemisis, Argugatheron Bloodmoon, enjoyed taking shots at the Brotherhood in order to possibly getting himself a ticket back into the mortal plane. One of the first documented incidents involved Thunderblade's own posession.

    During this dark time (which would be one of many for the Brotherhood), Bloodmoon's members were forced to participate in grusome, ableit, disturbing acts against nature. These included vile things such as the murder of  blood elves in order to drink the fel magic from their corpses. The Brotherhood's reputation began to sink into the black abyss of evil and the Horde Assembly relished in every minute of damning propaganda they could gain against the Brotherhood from this instance. Before long, the corruption itself spread to the Brotherhood's members and even it's closest allies.

   At the height of Arugatheron's first reign of terror, the entire Brotherhood and a portion of House Shadowsworn (Including High Priestess Eviannya) were corrupted to what seemed to be beyond redemption. However, Azeri, Eviannya's lover, felt that nothing was impossible. During a confrontation between Azeri and a diabolical trio of Eviannya, Thunder, and the shaman, Neerzlu, who recently became a Brother, Azeri hatched a daring plan. He jumped from his mount and commandeered Eviannya's hawkstrider and rode it as fast as the bird could run to a place of Holy Worship. All the while he took a beating from Eviannya and dodged bolts of lighting from Neerzlu.

   Little did the corrupted know, Azeri had tricked them into their own cleansing. The forces at work within the sanctuary made those posessed by demons to be powerless. Then, after a little prayer from Azeri, Eviannya was free of Arugatheron's shackles and began a ritual to free those afflicted by the demonic corruption. It seemed successful for the most part, all members of Bloodmoon and Shadowsworn came to their immediate senses, however, there was a sharp downside. Due to the fact that he was the epicenter of corruption, the possessed Thunderblade's body spewed out a green, fel laced bile. It seemed that the ritual had attacked Thunder rather then purifying him due to his corrupted and undead status. Soon after regurgitating that liquid fel energy, the Ebon Nightmare slipped into a coma. He'd wake two weeks later after extensive healing done by Eviannya and her priestesses.

Moonrise - Chapter IV: "Of Gods and Generals"

     During the fallout after the demon mishap, Thunder and Rogue Headmaster Drunard decided the meet with Myyah and her husband in order to put differences aside. The meeting went well at first, idle conversation began talks and drinks were bought. Then, events took a turn south when the issue of guild governance came into play. Myyah harshly criticized the Brotherhood and it's traditional Bloodmoonic Monarchy, praising the Oligarchy of Nyx instead. Thunder took this as an insult, how dare they slander the Brotherhood like that right before the Ebon Nightmare?! Both Thunder and Drunard saw Myyah's words as a attempt to spark rebellion in Bloodmoon's ranks and immediatly ended talks. Things would only get worse from there.

      Later in the week, the Horde Assembly met. Guilds from all over Horde Territory met in Thunder Bluff to discuss various topics. One of such topics was the issue of the Horde Assembly's bitter rival in Alliance land called, the Kingship of the East. Myyah spoke before the Assembly about this and spun her words like a spider spins web, trying her hardest to convince the Assembly that Bloodmoon was allied with the Kingship. This and Nyx's domination of the topic discussion led some to believe that since Hand of the Phoenix guild leader and Horde Assembly head, Jeridan left for good, that the Assembly had become Nyx's pet. After the news of this reached the Bloodmoonic Court, the Brotherhood began to devise a plot to bring about the downfall of the Assembly known as Operation: Moonshine.

      As a result of Bloodmoon's plan, they formed a new organization similar is scope to the Horde Assembly as the Assembly's adversary. A conglomeration of various guilds known as the Shadowfang Syndicate. They made it their mission to tarnish the name of the Horde Assembly at every step and enlighten guilds so that they made stand up to Nyx's oppression. They were successful in raising questions, however, the Syndicate did not have tangible evidence to bring when talking with other guilds. So, they would have to make yet another plan...

     In order to gather dirt on the Assembly, the Syndicate used the Brotherhood's Covenant of Rogues to spy during meetings. During one of their undercover operations, it was reported to Drunard by one of his agents that the Assembly had been discussing a possible hit on the Ebon Nightmare. If it were to occur, there would be uprisings in the Assembly itself. That's when a lightbulb went off in Drunard's head. If they were to fake the asassination of Thunderblade and pin it on an Assembly guild, then they could cause a massive revolt, at least in theory.

    So the plan had been set and Thunder rode out in the company of two "guards" (Neerzlu and Drunard). They rode dangerously close to a group of Hand of the Phoenix guild members outside of Shattrath City in Outland to initiate and chase. After fifteen minutes, Thunder rode his mount into a thicket of trees to what seemed like a crash to his death. Upon reaching the ground, Thunder removed his chestplate and cut his arm in order to smear it with his own blood. Using this, Drunard would then visit with various guilds and offer then chestplate as proof of Thunder's "murder", sparking outrage among the guilds.

    Using a empty soulstone, a Bloodmoon Warlock staged a resurrection of Thunderblade so he could reenter the limelight of the guild affairs. About this time, it was found out that General Draskk's Band of Brothers had fallen apart under pressure from the Assembly. The General had been a trusted ally of the Brotherhood and Thunder would not see the Orc go homeless. Coincidentally, around the same time, Drunard retires from his work in the Brotherhood leaving the 2nd in command position vacant. Thunderblade quickly appoints Draskk as his new right hand, ushering a more solid leadership for Bloodmoon.

    A few days go by and some saddening new reaches the Court. Strong ally and Matriarch of House Shadowsworn, High Priestess Eviannya passed away suddenly. The death of the prominant figure left the guild landscape more unstable than ever before. Shadowsworn then began to crumble and hide behind weak leadership, prompting the Brotherhood to cut ties with it's once venerable ally. With both of its allies gone, the Brotherhood sought to find new friends to add to the Shadowfang Syndicate, and friends they found.

    Thunder, though, was slow to act. Before the Brotherhood had only a single figure in it's leadership. Draskk goes missing in Outland and Narzlu (Neerzlu's half brother of sorts who's soul he was fused with) betrays the Brotherhood in favor of Nyx by slaying Bloodmoon's two heirs to the Ebon Nightmare's "throne". Yet, in the thick of all that, the Brotherhood manages to free Neerzlu (who is appointed as the Nightmare's right hand), and form new Alliances. The Azerothian Dreamers and the Whiteclaw Clan join the Shadowfang Syndicate, leaving the Horde Assembly due to the activities carried by Nyx in recent times. Before long more and more guilds leave the Assembly and the collapse of Nyx's seat of power begins.

   In the end, The Horde Assembly disbands. Freeing the guilds of the Horde from the shackles of Opression. The Brotherhood triumphed over a great rival through perserverance and fixing the fabric of trust and friendship which Nyx had destroyed among the guilds. After a few months of freelance guild operation, a new organization is formed to help govern, backed by Bloodmoon, the Crimson Order would usher in a new era of peace and prosperity.





Moonrise- Chapter V: "Spiritus"

   Thymbrael was once a young Sin'dorei hunter with a big future ahead of him as a Brother of Bloodmoon, however, after a mishap in the caverns of time, the man who went in was not the one who came out. A cold, older Thymbrael emerged from that cave in Tanaris, a man filled with shamanistic zealotry and hatred for those who did not see as he did. This would only be Bloodmoon's first problem with zeal.

    Immediatly there were conflicts with the Brotherhood. He harshly criticized Bloodmoon's ways and traditions, stating that they were not in line with mainstream Shamanism. Thunder, a stubborn as he was, refused change as he always has. Thymbrael took this as the absolute greatest of insults, causing him to leave and rally up a force of the faithful which he would use to purge the world of the Brotherhood once and for all.

    Tensions reached their apex on the streets of Silvermoon City as a fight broke out there at night in the Murder Row district (where guards rarely tred). Thymbrael and what he dubbed his "Horde Strike Force" caught up with Thunder and a few of his Brotherhood members. It was only Thunder,  Draskk, Neerzlu, and John Daelock present at the time before being reinforced by Eviannya's brother Leon. The five fought the strike force with all their might, but, there were far too many of them. Bloodmoon was forced to retreat, the fight leaving Thunder mortally wounded and killing John Daelock.

    Thymbrael, believing he slew the Ebon Nightmare claimed the battle a victory. This false sense of accomplishment left Thymbrael incredibly vulnerable. For within a few days, in broad daylight, a small contingency of Brothers including the same four as well as Vodkriz and Arianwin, swarmed Thymbrael as he was entering the tavern at Murder Row. Swftly ending Thymbrael's quest to purge Bloodmoon from Azeroth by the edge of Thunder's runeblade.



Moonrise - Chapter VI: "To Go Down In Burning Flames of Glory"

     Early one Friday morning, the woman behind the Crimson Order, Zitkala, recieves an ultimatum at random from a guild threatening invasion if demands are not met. This guild was known as the Starsong Tribe, a more violent version of the more famous Kingship of the East. To this day, the demands stated to Lady Zitkala are unknown, however, it was clear that she gave them the cold shoulder.

     Only a small portion of the Crimson Order's associated guilds were located in the Eastern Kingdoms where Starsong was based. All that were there were the elven houses and Bloodmoon, Bloodmoon being the first enroute going north to Silvermoon via Lordareron. That is exactly the path which Starsong chose to take, which meant Bloodmoon was their first target and the be the victim of the brunt of their strength.

     On the night of Febuary 19th, The Starsong Tribe began their siege of Bloodmoon's stronghold of Shadowfange Keep. General Draskk (who recently returned from Outland) led the assault in the field while Thunderblade issued orders the war room while summoning undead to aid his brothers in battle. As typical of siege warfare, the Brotherhood's archers rained arrows along side mages firing balls of flame and bolts of ice down upon the charging Starsong men-at-arms who stormed towards the Keep's crumbling walls. Draskk along with the bulk of Bloodmoons forces and the Blackhand Templar stand at the ready near the gates for when they finally burst open from the battering ram that Starsong no doubt brought with them.

   Outnumbered ten to one, Bloodmoon's ranged defenders on its walls couldn't pick off enough men to make a dent in their forces. Starsong then torn down the Keep's gates leaving Draskk and his men to be Bloodmoon's final hope as the ranged infantry on the wall allowed themselves to be distracted and ultimately flanked by Strarsong Paladins climbing up over the wall. Despite the overwhelming odds, Draskk and his warriors held the line.

   After hours of fighting, the Starsong forces began to run, and, thinking they had forced their enemy to rout, Draskk ordered his men to charge after the retreating soldiers. Yet, once they were clear of the gate, flaming boudlers began cascading down from the sky. It was a trap. In order to break the line, Starsong lured Draskk out of the Keep so they could pick off scores of men with siege weaponry. Within minutes, Draskk gave the order to retreat to the throne room.

      As the Starsong Tribe banged at the door, Shaman gave Blooodmoon's few remaining defenders their final rights. Goodbyes were said, morale was low. Yet, in true Bloodmoon spirit, they felt they would rather go down fighting. While he waited for his last fight to begin, Draskk made it to the War Room to bid a farewell to Thunder. The Ebon Nightmare asked for his General to stay so that they may face Starsong together as Brothers. The Tribe made short work of the defenders in the throne room, the weary vanguard put up little of a fight. The end was in sight. While the invaders rushed up the corridors of the Keep, a soul survivor, a troll mage named Magazzo, bursts into the war room. He offers to open a portal for Thunder, Draskk, and the few remaining royal guard to escape afterwhich he would hold off Starsong until the portal closed. Thunder agrees, having little choice, is there was hope that the Brotherhood might survive then so be it. The battered a bruised remnants of the once powerful Brotherhood arrive in Duskwood through the portal to plot their next steps as Magazzo dies a martyr in defense of a cause greater then himself.

       With the vast majority of the guild rotting in Shadowfang Keep, some unnaccounted for (inluding Neerzlu), and five survivors in Duskwood. The Brotherhood had entered into a very tight position. What could they do now? Where would they go? There was little hope of surviving in this world now with what it had become. Little did they know that hope (and eventually dread) would like in a unsettling artifact discovered in Thousand Needles weeks before the Battle of Shadowfang Keep.

To Be Unspoken - Chapter VII: "Like When The World Was New..."

     Weeks prior to the Battle of Shadowfang Keep, Bloodmoon archaeologists were sent on expedition to Thousand Needles where it was rumored that one of Azalia Shadowhoof's treasure caches lay buried. What they found, however, was much more sinister and fascinating. It was a octogonal box made of the metal called Saronite that was adorned with razor sharp spikes and odd looking runes. What made the discovery weirder is that it was not found at the digsite but in the hot spring nearby where the archaeologists got their water. This item was, of course, brought back with them to Silverpine, but, little did the Brotherhood know the large role this item would play in the future.

     While the remnants of the royal guard were out foraging for mushrooms and other edibles in the surrounding forest, Thunder and Draskk attempted to plot Bloodmoon's next move. Both were realistic, they saw no viable options for where the Brotherhood could go, fearing they would still end up being hunted down regardless. That's when Draskk tried to lighten Thunder's spirits by saying he had grabbed something of value from the Keep before they jumped through Magazzo's portal.

To Be Unspoken - Chapter VII "Martial Law"

Coming soon! (The Blood Knights and the DK 'secession')

To Be Unspoken - Chapter IX  "The Mystery of the Wraith Bearings"

Coming soon! (Early instability & Birth of Order of the Rose)

To Be Unspoken - Chapter X " To Be Born Of Roses"

Coming soon! (War with Order of the Rose)

To Be Unspoken - Chapter XI " The Tale of Hellfire"

Coming soon! (The Witren saga)

To Be Unspoken - Chapter XII "I Will Be Your Shield"

 Coming soon! (The War with Nightmare Aegis, The Tear fiasco, The Abyssal Project, The Necromyst Matrix, and the Goodbye before Cata)

To Be Unspoken - Chapter XIII " Of Fire and Fate"

Coming soon! (Music Box of Fate and the Cataclysm)

To Be Unspoken - Chapter XIV " Whiteout"

Coming soon! (The quest to rediscover the Shadowstorm Hold)

To Be Unspoken - Chapter XV "The Shadow of the Mountain"

Coming soon! (The Rebuilding of the Shadowhoof Tribe and Sensou's coup)

To Be Unspoken - Chapter XVII " We Will Be Forgotten"

Coming Soon! (Arugatheron's final reign of terror, the death of the Bloodline, and the end of the Brotherhood)

To Be Unspoken - Chapter XVI " Order of the Black Sand"

Coming soon! (Order of the Black Sand)

Wildfire - Chapter XVIII "From Dust"

      A year has passed since the Brotherhood sacrificed itself to save the mortal world, and, as it must be, not a soul outside those who gave their lives know what occured in Ashenvale that day. Yet, a feeling of emptiness overcomes the Brothers and Sisters who did not participate in the final assault, as if though their mission was not complete. Meanwhile, far to the north, the Shaman, Neerzlu, hears whispers from the spirit world. Something is lurking deep in the astral, a guilty soul trapped between worlds.

    Since his death from Arugatheron's  blood curse, Thunderblade has been wandering in limbo. A mere restless spirit with a heart heavy with guilt for the deaths he blames himself for. Constantly wishing there was a way he could make everything right, to continue to serve Bloodmoon's cause. The Brotherhood was not supposed to die, it was never ever supposed to die. Yet why would it need exist? Both of Bloodmoon's primary reasons for being are gone. Both the Tome and the demon who created it were purged in a flash of red light.

    Little did the former Nightmare know, another Tauren had been trapped here as well. He seemed to be an elder of sorts, a man with a rather gentle demeanor. He called himself, Darok Nightspear, and revealed that he has been stuck in limbo since the Great Sundering over 10,000 years ago. Darok could tell by Thunder's appearance that he was of Shadowhoof ancestry, he would know, he was a Shadowhoof tauren himself. The two told tales of their tribe and of their life, however, once it was revealed that Thunder had led the Brotherhood, Darok's tone grew serious.

    Nightspear asks for Thunder to listen to his story, for, he believed that Thunder was never told all of what really happened during the Brotherhood's early years.. During the days followig the Brotherhood's inception, there was a growing conflict which involved three factions within the tribe. There was Bloodmoon, who supported a new,modified,  and darker version of Kal'dorei relgion (By way of Korsinium who was a recent convert), The La'ya Ichnee Om'iti'kaloe Gala'yakei who believed in what they called "The Shadow's Flame" (The Light), and The Greysworn, stout believers of the old ways of ancestor veneration, honor, and bravery, all summed up in their sacred text called "The Greypath". The Greysworn were a splinter faction that split off from the Brotherhood, led by noneother then Darok Nightspear himeself who was at one time Korsinium's right hand man. A war then broke out between these three factions that resulted in the Gala'yakei closing itself to the world, a victory for the Brotherhood, and the death of the Greysworn. Korsinium had allowed himself to be wrapped up in the oppression of the modified version of Kal'dorei religion, setting the 'ball and chain' theme that would cause suffering among his ancestors for millenia.

   All that the Brotherhood had known was a lie. The ideals that Korsinium had embraced were cold and oppressive to his people yet he bought into it in a bid for power. How Bloodmoon conducted itself bred the constant infighting that plagued its ranks. The distance between its members was always growing due to what they had believed. It was clear that things might have turned out differently if the Brotherhood was devout in "The Greypath", that if they had rebuilt the Shadowhoof around the old ways. Should've, Could've, Would've. All there was now was the ability to look back at all that had happened in hindsight.

    Thunderblade now look upon his order's founder with great disgust. A man they idolized was nothing more than a power hungry slave to one of the greatest threat to Shadowhoof culture to have ever existed. There was, of course, nothing he could do, or so he thought. Darok brought up a proposition, that, Thunder learn from him "The Greypath" and the old ways of Tribe. That way, if somehow one day he is given the second chance (Third if you count death knighthood), he would make Bloodmoon and the Shadowhoof Tribe into the essence of what it meas to be Greysworn.

    As he meditates in what was once the grand war room of Shadowstorm Hold, Neerzlu thinks over all that occured in the past year. He felt, that the world has plunged deeper into chaos with the Brotherhood's demise and if his intuition is right, the presence he had felt earlier is the key to putting Azeroth back on the right track. Using his expertise as a Shaman and his tools as a practioner of Voodoo, he intends to use perform a rather complex ritual. Using the pouch containing Thunder's ashes and his own courage, Neerzlu intends to veture into the astral, and, with the help of the ancestors, he hopes to bring Thunder back with him into the world of the living. Neerzlu prepares while Thunder learns, all the stones are in place for a sapling to sprout from the smouldering remains of its predecessors.

   After braving the astral from his point of ritual atop a titan ruin in the Storm Peaks, Neerzlu successful returned Thunderblade to the world of the living. The ritual required much pain on Thunder's part as his body was slowly rebuilt via Voodoo magic. After a heartwarming "welcome back" talk, Thunder sought out his adopted son, Edward in his usual haunt in Goblin lands. The Tauren took Edward with him to lay down flowers where the Brotherhood had made its last stand, however, something was not quite right. One body was missing from those present. Where is Lelth Hellcaller?

  Realizing the truth about what Lelth truly was (i.e. Azeroth's Most Elusive Rogue), Thunder realized that he might simply be a lost soul with which he could work. Because of that, after being reconciled with, Lelth Hellcaller, Son of the late Nethrok Hellcaller, was appointed in the reborn Covenant of Rogues as Headmaster, succeeding Drunard. Weeks later, Lelth would be one of many witnesses to a public declaration heralding the Brotherhood's return at the Courtyard of the Undercity. There the rebuilding process truly began and it did so with "The Ebon Nightmare", "The Black Shaman", "Azeroth's Most Elusive Rogue", "The Adopted Son", "The Will of Thy Father", "The Eyes of Anger", and "The Knight of Broken Promises".


Wildfire - XIX " Our Beginning, Our End, Our Rebirth"

      A year after his return, Thunder begin the rebuilding of the Brotherhood's ranks by giving a public speech in the courtyard of the Undercity where several members were gained. The peace is rather uneasy, except for a few, the majority of the members are compelte strangers to each other. As for former members, only Taharian still remained unaccounted for as his global wanderings have made him hard to cross. Over the years there have been rumors about various pages of what seem to have been from a book hidden within the most ancient and evil parts of the world. Is it possible that the Bloodmoon Tome wasn't defititively destroyed after all?

     The Brotherhood then stayed stagnant. Little to nothing of progress occured between its few members making it seem as if though it might as well not exist. Thunder had been away frequently due to personal issues while Neerzlu and Taharian tried to have the rest of the guild carry on as normal. This period of standstill did not last long, however. The Ebon Nightmare did indeed return and he did so with mindblowing news. The rumors were true, the Tome had indeed survived its failsafe...and Thunder had acquired one of its pages. The races was now on for Thunder, Neerzlu, Taharian, Lelth, Edward, and whoever else came along to bolster their small organization to seek out the remaining pages before they fall into the wrong hands.



The Greypath

 Codex Argentatis et Neutralitatis:

( The Code of Silvered Neutrality)

I: There is peace, yet peace is a lie.

II: To embrace passion, opens the soul.

III: For through strength, I show compassion.

IV: In our minds lies knowledge, through which I gain wisdom.

V: In wisdom, I find serenity.

VI: In serenity, I find clarity.

VII: Truth is pure, power is corrupt.

VIII: Through corruption, lies chaos.

IX: Through purity, lies harmony.

X: Through balance, lies mortality.

XI: There is no light, there is zealotry.

XII: There is no dark, there is belligerence.

XIII: Through mortality, I gain bravery.

XIV: Through bravery, I transcend eternity.

XV For I walk the greypath.

( A conglomeration of the various views which the Shadowhoof Tauren had about life and the world around them. In The Greypath, followers, knowns as Greysworn, venerate and honor their ancestors as well as live their lives as this text dictates.)

The Guiding Principles, of which there are four. Unbound, Unbroken, Unknown and Unyielding. Each of the principles have their own domains, mind, body, soul, and silver trio. The silver trio, however, is three of the four domains that are guided by a second principle.

Mind - Guiding Principle: Unbound

*Your mind must be unbound by wills and desires outside of the cause of commitment.

*Your mind must be unbound by the foolishness of factional allegience and troublesome parliamentary politics.

*Your mind must not be restricted by anything or anyone, always open and ever watchful, yet, at the same time with enough willpower to resist the temptation to stray from the Greypath.

*One must have the mental fortitude to resist manipulation and corruption to lead one to embrace light or dark. One must mentally steadfast and vigilant in maintaining their composure and independent thoughts. One must remain along the Greypath.

*One must have the mental capability common sense and ethics to make critical decisions rather then moral standards and devious hidden motives. You cannot make said decisions based on good or bad, light or dark, does this benefit me? Is it right and just? Do I gain power? None of that. Critical decisions are a matter of balance and bravery. You must do your best to make the decision that will be best for things as a whole and do it with strong determination.

Body- Guiding Principle: Unbroken

*One cannot break under any circumstance by any outside forces that would try and steer them from the Greypath. Remember, pain is only a state of mind. It will only affect you if you let it.

*One must maintain a standard of living that allows them to retain independence and sole responsibility for their survival and their actions.

*One must work towards and know how to defend ones self with ease and make clear and decise decisions via an unbound mind.

*One must not let physical temptations and lovelusts steer them away from the Greypath.

*One must not allow themselves to die dishonorably, if there be a way, fight back and take your attacker with you to the grave.

*Never tremble in fear, bow before no one, kneel before no one, prostrate yourself before no one. Stand tall and strong and ever confident.

*Wear your imperfections with pride. A scar, a tattoo, a burn. Each has a story behind it that fills one with great honor.

Soul- Guiding Principle: Unyielding

*Remain ever determined, never give up.

*Accomplish your goals and make them happen or die trying.

*Be the last man if it comes down to the last man.

*Keep pushing forward and never fall.

*Never allow yourself to be held captive, for to allow such is a great dishonor. Only blood can attone for such a blatant act of cowardice, you shall paint yourself red in order to be grey again.

*Go down in burning flames of glory if need be.

*Never allow yourself to be swayed when certain in your correctness. Such failures to uphold the truth make for great instability and a loss of balance.

*Allow your soul to mix into the grey, do not restrain good or evil but let them mix together in order to form your own mortal soul.

*Do not hesitate to do good or even commit a necessary evil.

The Silver Trio (Mind, Body, and Soul) - Guiding Principle: Unknown

*Who we are, what we do. All must remain a secret.

*Nothing of our existence is meant to be known by outsiders.

*Never leave a trace.

*We are the guardian angels, we are everything and nothing. Everyone and no one. Everywhere and no where. We exist and there for we do not.


  The Bloodmoon Tome: The namesake of the Brotherhood, protection of the Bloodmoon Tome was the Brotherhood's primary objective. The Tome itself, demonic in origin, contains "all knowledge" and was written by the high demon, Arugatheron Bloodmoon as way to absorb or destroy the powers of the entities known as the "Old Gods". The Bloodmoon Tome is immensely power with most of it's secrets undiscovered. It is directly linked to the Ebon Nightmare who guards it on his person at all times.

  Arugatheron Bloodmoon: A high demon who staunchly opposed the Burning Legion due to his own devious intentions. He wrote a book known as the "Bloodmoon Tome", which he intended to use to gain power from the Old Gods of Azeroth. However, during the Sundering, Arugatheron lost the Tome shortly after arrival to a warband of Kal'dorei Sentinels. These Sentinels hid the book in a cave in the land that would one day be called "Stonetalon". Days later it would be discovered by the first Ebon Nightmare.

  House Shadowsworn: Originally led by Patriarch Mathaison Shadowsworn, The Sin'dorei House became one of the Brotherhood's first allies and grew especially close during High Priest Eviannya's reign after Mathaison's untimely death.

The Lakota'Mani Libram: The Path of Brotherhood

Coming Soon!

Shadowhoof Tribe

Coming Soon!

La'ya Ichnee Om'iti'kaloe Gala'yakei ( The Cult of Shadow's Flame)

Coming Soon!

Brotherhood of Bloodmoon Leaders first to current.(*WORK IN PROGRESS*)

Coming Soon!


Coming Soon!

Lakota'Mani Libram : Page 274 "The Ebon Nightmare"

Coming Soon!


 Covenant of Rogues: Established during the war with the Horde Assembly, the Covenant of Rogues acts as the Brotherhoods eyes, ears, and dagger. The Covenant once play a big role in the Brotherhood's dealings under its first headmaster, Drunard.

 Bloodmoon Expeditionary Corps: The Bloodmoon's Expeditionary Corps are the ones who explore lost cities and vast dungeons in search of artifacts and Treasure. (PvE)

The Honorbound: The Brotherhood's strongest fighters who take bounty hunting work and mercenary jobs to help fun the guild. (PvP)

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