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 "Placehold Name" The Story of Thunderblade

Full name: Ebon Nightmare Thunderblade Malatar Shadowhoof

Nicknames: Thunder,Malatar, Mr.Bossman, Uncle Thunder, Papa Thunder, Mr.Moo, Redbull

Prefix: Ebon Nightmare

Gender: Male

Class: Death Knight

Known Affiliations: The Brotherhood of Bloodmoon, The Shadowhoof Tribe, The Undead Scourge (formerly), The Shadowfang Syndicate(formerly), The Crimson Order (formerly)

Age: 23 In Undeath, Actual mortal age is 34 (Humans years and Tauren years are roughly the same)

Birthplace: Taurakaya Village, Stonetalon Mountains

Home: N/A

Titles: "Ebon Nightmare of the Brotherhood of Bloodmoon"

Status: Undead

Race: Undead Tauren

Frequent Haunts:  The Storm Peaks, Silvermoon City, Undercity, Stonetalon Mountains, Tanaris, Desolace, The Grim Guzzler, Uldum, Twlight Highlands, and Eastern Plaguelands.


Tylira Sunsurge ( ex Wife, ) - Deceased

Edward Eldrich (son) - Alive

Draskk Shadowhoof (son) - Deceased

Azura Shadowhoof II (daughter)- Deceased

Siri Shadowhoof(daughter) - Deceased

Thunderhoof Shadowhoof(son) - Undead - Deceased

Gultam Shadowhoof(son) - Undead - Deceased

Azura Shadowhoof(Wife)- Undead - Deceased

Paoala Shadowhoof (Wife)-Undead-Deceased

Zurtaloke Shadowhoof (grandfather) - Deceased

Zalakar Shadowhoof(grandfather)- Deceased

Hanuwa Verdanthoof(grandmother, estranged) - Alive

Valkia Shadowhoof (grandmother) - Unknown- Assumed Deceased

Serga Shadowhoof(mother)- Deceased

Turok Shadowhoof(father)- Deceased


    Since his birth thirty-four years ago, Thunder was cursed just like all others in his blood line. It was the all the result of the crimes which a distant ancestor of his committed many a year ago, however, Thunder wouldn't find this out until the age of twenty-eight, when he ascends to the top of the Bloodmoonic Court.

     Thunderblade was born to Turok and Serga Shadowhoof of the Shadowhoof Tribe of Tauren in the Stonetalon Mountains. Thunder was given his name straight of out tribal naming traditions. Being that his father was a Brave and his mother a Druid, then, the child would be named after an element of warfare and an element of nature. At the Age of three, Thunder encountered his first right of passage. The Toddler was to encounter a bear, an animal sacred to the Shadowhoof, and based on the Bear's reaction Thunder would know what he was to do in life.

     As the todder watched in terror as the large animal made it's way towards him, something was noticeable about the creature that was not right. The Bear walked slow and lethargically, it's ribs showing from malnutrition, all around a very sickly looking beast. When the animal finally reached Thunder, it collapsed to the ground and died of whatever had ailed it. The Elders knew not what this had meant, in the long history of their tribe an instance such as this had never been recorded. The answers would only be discovered many years later in a veil of snow and ice.

    At the age of eight, an unprecedented event was to occur in Stonetalon Peak among the Shadowhoof's druids. For the first time in centuries, the Shadowhoof Tribe was to hold diplomatic relations with the Kal'dorei and their Sentinels. Talks seemed to be going well at first, then, hostilities grew when the topic of land came up. The Shadowhoof had lived in Stonetalon for all their existance, while, the Kal'dorei seemed to believe all of Kalimdor was theirs.

"Answer Me" The Story of Sevran

  A young, rest-less Blood Elf, constantly searching for himself and answers to why. In a foreign body, his soul was once trapped inside another being, a sinister being, a demon named, Magoros. He was the lingering soul of a sacrificial body. "Tyronthius" the name of the soul. Being trapped inside of him, he was left dorment, until Magoros was being prusued by a young sin'dorei priestess, Casial, with time he fell in love with the priestess, who at the time, was attempting to banish Magoros out of Azeroth. Over time, his soul became more prominent, more aware as it regained conscienceness and then was finally forced out by a ritualistic "soul-body" seperation by command of Magoros in order to "shut out" any further weakness of his own. The soul of Tyronthius was then kept inside a crystal like shard, guarded by one of Magoros' most trusted commanders. In a successful infiltration, the priestess was then able to steal the crystal and hold it for her own until she could find a suitable host body. A body was found months later an the soul-body merger began. Tyronthius, for the first time, was trully free, afterward, he began a personal hunt for Magoros, he found clues to where he was and with, but when the evidence turned up a path, he was too late, for he was found guilty of commiting treaturous acts, murder, and unlawful experimentation and was put to death in a mass inquisition within his guild which left him no choice to abandon his hunt. Years later, he had heard rumors going around that an organization called "Brotherhood of Bloodmoon" had mysteriously vanished. He knew this organization and one member inside it who was linked to Magoros, a troll named, Neerzlu. He then set out on a pilgramge, leaving everything behind he held dear, even his own name. He then gave himself a new name, a name that would remind him of his severed ties with the world he once knew, "Sevran". This pilgramage took two and one half years, following clue and rumor, he then was able to track down the Brotherhood's last know base in the Storm Peaks of Northrend. To his surprise, he found a lonely troll guarding the entrance. Learning later, after speaking with the troll, he found out it was indeed, Neerzlu. Sevran offered his alliegence with the troll and the brotherhood and help restore it as well as searching for the answers that has riddled his life, stating he had nothing left in the world. Neerzlu accepted his alliegence and from there, his story continues.

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