The Brotherhood of Bloodmoon


The Archives

Deep within the Archival underbelly of Bisolterra are the Brotherhood's ancients archives. The place where there are housed is rather recent in terms of history but the items kept there date back 10,000 years during the Brotherhood's inception. Vast amounts of knowledge as well as rare technology and artifacts are stored there. [[ OOCly, this is our page for our lore and RP affairs]]

the true mortals: A story of Brotherhood

In 14,000 BBY, just over 10,000 years ago, a smuggler of sorts named Darok Bloodmoon grew a curiosity as to the teachings of the Sith and the Jedi. He was curious as to what truly drew the line between good and evil, light and dark, peace and passion. To his surprise, he discovered something much more profound in a sense. He found that both sides had flaws and attributes that made them both good and evil in different ways. The jedi, with their restriction of emotions was thought of as evil while the sith being the opposite were good.  He thought the powerlust of the majority of sith was bad while the administering of justice and truth by the jedi was good. He also found the fact that both gathered artifacts or great power and influence as well as technology, knowledge, and relics to be disturbing. For he believed that no side honestly had the stability it needed to be keepers.

So then it was that Darok decided that there was a lack of a force fir balance in the galaxy, there wasn't one that would do good and yet have the will to commit necessary evil when the time called. So, with a small group of his followers that lived to follow the teachings of what they called "The Greypath", on the metropolitan world of Taris, they founded an order to achieve the goals he wished to see achieved in this vast galaxy. The Brotherhood of Bloodmoon, a sacred and secret order of men and women from all walks of life that are strong enough in mind, body, and spirit to be followers of "The Greypath" and unspoken protectors of the galaxy. The Brotherhood would strive to collect powerful technology, ancient artifacts, and mysterious relics to study and store so they may be kept out of the hands of those who may seek to abuse their power. The Brotherhood would also strive to gather knowledge and expand upon it's own archives which rival that of the Jedi Order. Then, most importantly of all, the Brotherhood would strive to do what it feels is best for the galaxy and get it done, no matter what the cost.

For thousands of years, the Brotherhood operated in relative peace in the Tarisian underbelly. Few had the courage to start trouble with a group who's so mysterious and renowned for skill in combat that their name is only said in whispers. Then, at the dawn of the Jedi Civil War, the Brotherhood was forced to leave it's birthplace as the Sith Empire of Darth Malak reigned fire down upon the planet's surface. Scattered among fifty-eight small freighters flying together in a relatively simple formation, the Brotherhood makes a bold attempt to acquire a new home. Taking advantage of the fact  that solar winds near Tatooine's two suns disrupt radar, the Brotherhood sneaks aboard the Sith Dreadnought Class Warship, the D-172 "Bisolterra". The Sith soon realize their presence and the two parties engage in heated combat. The technological prowess of the Brotherhood, however, would prove too much to handle for the Imperial Marines. The Dreadnought now belonged to the Brotherhood and would serve as their headquarters. The "Bisolterra" would undergo heavy and radical modifications over the next year to stay state of the art and to ensure prime speed, stability, defensive capability, offensive capability, and storage.

Yet, tragedy would soon fall upon the millenia old order shortly after the return of the Sith Empire those same three hundred years later. After small scuffles and confrontations, an Imperial Edict was issue by the Imperial Reclamation Service to Imperial Intelligence on the capital world of the New Sith Empire, Dromund Kaas. Called IE-482: G.E.O.H.A.S [ Geo - Has] (G: Galactic, E: Elimination, O: Of, H: Heretic, A: Artifact, S: Smuggling). The Edict, though subtle by the acronym in it's name, ordered for the complete and utter eradication of the Brotherhood of Bloodmoon from the known galaxy. For the most part, it was successful ,and yet, there was a failsafe created just for this very emergency. Like every leader before him, the "Threefold Arbiter" (Single, solitary leader rather then tri-council) at the time, Gelas Bloodmoon had three children which he had hidden as infants across three randomly selected planets across the galaxy. One was sent to the toxic junkyard world of Raxus Prime to be raised by scavengers. Another was sent to Iridonia to be raised among the people of his other half. Then the third one was sent to the very belly of the beast on Dromund Kaas. When the time came, upon Gelas's death, his personal battle droid CA-843 (Cybernetic Automoton Serial # 843) , would hide the "Bisolterra" deep within the sands of Tatooine's expansive desert. After which he would go from planet to planet and then scour the galaxy if he had to to collect the three heirs and reassimilate them into the Brotherhood with a memory reclamation process using artificial neurofluids containing memories of Bloodmoonic history up to this point that are kept in cold storage. Gelas Bloodmoon recently died of natural causes in the observation deck of the "Bisolterra", activating the failsafe protocal in CA-843's motherboard. As the "Bisolterra" now lays buried like some ancient ruin beneath the sands of Tatooine, the fate of the Brotherhood and even the galaxy lies in the hands of a droid and three unexperienced heirs to the Bloodmoonic Arbitorial Triumvirate.

Chapter I: "Reckoning"

       The rogue Sith, Adramalek has made his intentions to harm the Brotherhood clear, though his motives and his past are mysteries to all the brothers and sisters, one thing is for certain. Adramalek, Darth Zorhan, is the first great, immeidiate threat to the survival of the Brotherhood.

Prologue: Homeward Bound

The lone wandering prototype battle droid, CA-843, searches the planets of Iridonia and Raxus Prime only to come up empty handed. As he makes his way to Dromund Kaas, the droid scans the different sectors for signs or clues as the where the first two heirs might have gone off to or what fate they may have met. Where in the galaxy are Vurkoth, Varrin, and Damarisin?

The question was to be answered sooner rather  then later. For, fate would have it that Vurkoth and Damarisin had already met. Damarisin was apart of a squad designated by Imperial Intelligence to work for the Reclemation service in an effort to rid the galaxy of the Brotherhood once and for all.  With Vurkoth being a bounty hunter, that, after research into his background, appeared to be an ideal candidate to assist in his mission, Damarisin hired Vurkoth. Little did they know that after their traveling to and fro across the galaxy and after their extensive hours of research, one event would turn their lives upside down. For, little did they know, CA-843 had been stowed away upon Vurkoth's ship, The "Thunder's Blade" for months. The droid had been waiting for the perfect time to reveal its information once it was confirmed that Vurkoth and Damarisin were the Vurkoth and Damarisin that it was looking for. The droid eventually caught the attention of the bounty hunter by causing the ship's systems to fail and forced him to ask assistance of Damarisin to investigate the issue. This was the perfect scenario for the droid. 

CA-843 eventually did disclose its information to Damarisin and Vurkoth via a hologram recording of their late father, Gelas Bloodmoon. In it they were told of their birth and why they were hidden as well of what was to be expected of them. He also told of a third brother which they were to find. The two were then trapped and injected with a serum which flooded their brains with the 10,000 years of history, memories, and tradition of the Brotherhood. Known as Synthetic Neurofluid 09-3 or "Liquid Memory", such fluids allow for the storage and re-assimilation of someone using memories and experiences fabricated or otherwise. In this case, the truth was all too real. Immediately after being re-assimilated into the Brotherhood, Vurkoth and Damarisin (The new Unyielding and Unbound Arbiters) made it a mission to seek out the remaining Brother, Varrin. Upon further research by Damarisin, the location of Varrin's master was traced to Tatooine which would mean that Varrin was not far behind. The duo found their half zabrakian, bastard half-brother in the nearest cantina upon docking on Tatooine. As they were when CA-843 had revealed the truth, Varrin met  them with confusion and denial. That was all too understandable. After Damarisin's proper imperial approach failed to sway Varrin, Vurkoth's outlaw swagger won the day. Vurkoth's assertive approach allowed he and Damarisin to be given the chance to inject Varrin with the serum, and, upon its reaching the brain, Varrin's eyes were finally open and greeted his Brothers with shock and awe. The three then part ways for now, Vurkoth and Damarisin to ponder what had transpired and Varrin to consult with his master, Lord Oparicus. Though relatively small this event was, it shows one thing. The Brotherhood has returned.

Chapter II : "To stand on one's shoulder and whisper "

The Arbiters of the new Brotherhood plot to make their next move. They need to recruit new brothers and sisters to fill the vast void left by those who lost their lives to the Sith Empire in the old Brotherhood before them. At the same time, Varrin feels that we cannot just let the Imperial Reclemation service go unpunished. He and his master had also been enemies of the Reclemation service and believe they can gain access to one of their higher ups whom Varrin thinks was responsible for IE-482. They say that we should find and slay that man, however, there is opposition. Vurkoth believes the conscience tells us to turn the other cheek and that killing an officer won't bring any lives back, it'd just cause the Brotherhood to stoop to their level. Will the Brotherhood make it's first mark in this new age with blood? Or will honor win thee day? Only time will tell.

Chapter III: "Blackstar"

   Imperial Intelligence files dictate that  when the Republic vessel, the Stardream, crashed into Tatooine at what would be the beginning of the Rakghoul outbreak, its impact caused a small tremor underground. This tremor allowed for a Rakata Prison buried beneath the sand to be shattered open and release the horrors inside. The Infinite Empire had wanted to achieve perfection of their being using cybernetics and the remnants of the horrors they developed were imprisoned in a hidden facility. Is this that facility? Is this the force that decimated the Infinite Empire? Could this mean a catastrophe of Galactic Proportions? And will the Brotherhood be too late in discovering this during their search for the Bisolterra? Find out in due time.

The Greypath

Codex Argentatis et Neutralitatis:

( The Code of Silvered Neutrality)

I: There is peace, yet peace is a lie.

II: To embrace passion,  opens the soul.

III: For through strength, I show compassion.

IV: In our minds lies knowledge, through which I gain wisdom.

V: In wisdom, I find serenity.

VI: In serenity, I find clarity.

VII: Truth is pure, power is corrupt.

VIII: Through corruption, lies chaos.

IX: Through purity, lies harmony.

X: Through balance, lies mortality.

XI: There is no light,  there is zealotry.

XII: There is no dark, there is belligerence.

XIII: Through mortality, I gain bravery.

XIV: Through bravery, I transcend eternity.

XV For I walk the greypath. 

( Darok Bloodmoon developed the code when constructing the Greypath by combining aspects of the Jedi and Sith codes which he agreed on. After adding his own touches the final product above was born)

The Guiding Principles, of which there are four. Unbound, Unbroken, Unknown and Unyielding. Each of the principles have their own domains, mind, body, soul, and silver trio. The silver trio, however, is three of the four domains that are guided by a second principle.

Mind - Guiding Principle: Unbound

 *Your mind must be unbound by wills and desires outside of the cause of commitment.

*Your mind must be unbound by the foolishness of factional allegience and troublesome parliamentary politics.

*Your mind must not be restricted by anything or anyone, always open and ever watchful, yet, at the same time with enough willpower to resist the temptation to stray from the Greypath.

*One must have the mental fortitude to resist manipulation and corruption to lead one to the light or dark side of the force. One must mentally steadfast and vigilant in maintaining their composure and independent thoughts. One must remain along the Greypath.

*One must have the mental capability common sense and ethics to make critical decisions rather then moral standards and devious hidden motives. You cannot make said decisions based on good or bad, light or dark, does this benefit me? Is it right and just? Do I gain power? None of that. Critical decisions are a matter of balance and bravery. You must do your best to make the decision that will be best for things as a whole and do it with strong determination.

Body- Guiding Principle: Unbroken

*One cannot break under any circumstance by any outside forces that would try and steer them from the Greypath. Remember, pain is only a state of mind. It will only affect you if you let it.

*One must maintain a standard of living that allows them to retain independence and solitary responsibility for survival and their actions.

*One must work towards and know how to defend ones self with ease and make clear and decise decisions via an unbound mind.

*One must not let physical temptations and lovelusts steer them away from the Greypath.

*One must not allow themselves to die dishonorably, if there be a way, fight back and take your attacker with you to the grave.

*Never tremble in fear, bow before no one, kneel before no one, prostrate yourself before no one. Stand tall and strong and ever confident.

*Wear your imperfections with pride. A scar, a tattoo, a burn. Each has a story behind it that fills one with great honor.

Soul- Guiding Principle: Unyielding

 *Remain ever determined, never give up.

*Accomplish your goals and make them happen or die trying.

*Be the last man if it comes down  to the last man.

*Keep pushing forward and never fall.

*Never allow yourself to be held captive, for to allow such is a great dishonor. Only blood can attone for such a blatant act of cowardice, you shall paint yourself red in order to be grey again.

*Go down in burning flames of glory if need be.

*Never allow yourself to be swayed when certain in your correctness. Such failures to uphold the truth make for great instability and a loss of balance.

*Allow your soul to mix into the grey, do not restrain good or evil but let them mix together in order to form your own mortal soul.

*Do not hesitate to do good or even commit a necessary evil.

The Silver Trio (Mind, Body, and Soul)  - Guiding Principle: Unknown

*Who we are, what we do. All must remain a secret.

*Nothing of our existence is meant to be known by outsiders.

*Never leave a trace.

*We are the guardian angels, we are everything and nothing. Everyone and no one. Everywhere and no where. We exist and there for we do not. 



The Honorbound covenant of the redwalker (Draft)

Redwalker is a title, a title given to those who are among the toughest and most technologically adept of scavengers on Raxus Prime. Little do most know, there was more to a Redwalker then a title. It was an order of keepers of justice to protect the rural, lower class scavengers in the fringe parts of the junkyard world from those who would threaten to disturb their way of life. They followed a code which they called "The Rustbelt", a code of neutrality and efficiency in doing what they believed was right.They were expected to adhere to their duties wherever they went if they went abroad making them justicars on far off worlds and in the galaxy. There was much, however, that the Redwalkers themselves were ignorant to. Their headmaster, known as simply as "Saleg", was in truth Gelas Bloodmoon of the Brotherhood. Gelas had founded the Redwalkers as a elite special operations fighting force for the Brotherhood and a royal guard for the Bloodmoonic Court thirty years before his order was hunted to near extinction by the Empire. The Redwalkers were meant to be kept a secret until the time was right, however, Gelas decided not to call upon them in order to keep their ranks intact. Unknown to Gelas, the Redwalkers had become few in number as well due to the lack of willing and surviving volunteers to undergo to trials to become a member. 

*The Redwalkers were a tough organization to join. You either had to show incredibly outstanding skill or be recommended by a current member of the Redwalkers. 

* Redwalkers are called as such because of the rust of the metal that covers the surface of Raxus Prime.

*Only difference between "The Rustbelt" and "The Greypath" is that a Redwalker cannot kill without just reason. 

*When one become's a Redwalker, they renounce their last and replace it with the title "Redwalker".* 

*Redwalkers are such for life*

*Redwalkers are chaste*

The Greysworn  (Draft)

   Where the Jedi and Sith deviate off into two extremes, there is yet a third order that maintains true balance. The Greysworn Order of the Templar Crusader ( Greysworn, Templars, or Crusaders for short) are a division of the Brotherhood just like the Redwalkers. They are force warriors just like that of the Jedi and Sith, however, they are devout followers of the Greypath which they teach as their code. Greysworn act as champions of the Brotherhood and a force to be reckoned with. It is hard to become a Greysworn, and it is optional to join if your are a force sensitive indivdual that joins the Brotherhood. The Greysworn's primary goal is the will of the Brotherhood and the gathering of knowledge.

Bloodmoonic Grand Armada and Its Admirals

Coming Soon!

Bloodmoonic Codex

D-172 "Bisolterra" : A Dreadnought class warship that was stationed in orbit above Tatooine during the legendary Jedi Civil War. It was boarded and captured by the Brotherhood as a means of acquiring a mobile headquarters. "Bisolterra" is a rather large ship for its class and holds in its self a small fleet of modified civil war era fighters.

Synthetic Neurofluid 09-3: AKA "Liquid Memory" or "Assimilation Serum", Synthetic Neurofluid 09-3 was invented by Doctor Tykin Victun aboard the "Bisolterra" shortly before the sacking of Courscant. It was the third trial of his ninth formula which proved successful in the criteria of memory storage, creation, and transfer as a means of allowing a person to integrate into the Brotherhood more easily. This invention is merely one of the reasons why Bloodmoon was and is renowned for its technological prowess.

CA-843: Standing for "Cybernetic Automaton, Serial no. 843", CA-843 was Gelas Bloodmoon's 843rd attempt at his idea of the perfect droid. One that had the aspects of a battle droid and of an artificial intelligence. Having both mobile/ battle capabilities but had a free will and thinking to an extent. CA-843 was programmed with many small, yet significant software capabilites. First being that he cannot refer to Gelas in any way but "Master" which was done so to protect Gelas's identity. The other being the "Triad Failsafe Agreement" which led to the search for and finding of Gelas's three heirs apparent that were hidden across the known galaxy. 

Triad Failsafe Agreement: A hidden software installation in the cybernetic brain of CA-843. The Triad Failsafe Agreement was a secret security measure aimed at preserving the Brotherhood in case of terrible tragedy. The Failsafe Agreement activates upon Gelas Bloodmoon's death which causes CA-843 to scower the galaxy to find and collect Gelas Bloodmoon's three sons/heirs to the Bloodmoonic Court. 

IE- 482: [G.E.O.H.A.S] : "Imperial Edict # 482: The Galactic Elimination of Heretic Artifact Smuggling" was the order lobbied by the Imperial Reclemation service to the Imperial Government. The Edict was then issued and sent to Imperial Intelligence where it was meant to be sent. The document outlined a plan that's purpose was the exterminate the Brotherhood of Bloodmoon from the known galaxy.

Hellcaller Squad: *Coming Soon*


Lore notes and possible ideas

*Our lore and backstory are a work in progress, below are some of the snippets we have at the moment.*

The Brotherhood was formed in 14,000 BBY (roughly 10,000 years before SWTOR) on the world of Raxus Prime as an nomadic league of explorers. They took refuge upon a large frigate they called "The Rustbelt".

The Brotherhood is a mysterious organization with rich tradition that hunts artifacts, rare technology, and does what it feels is best for the galaxy. Unspoken protectors of the galaxy for lack of a better term.

The Brotherhood follows the "graypath" as apposed to the Light side or the Dark side. This is why you may see a Brother saving orphans from a rancor monster and then shoots the lady who owns the orphange because she had a bounty on her head.

The Brotherhood is headquartered in a old Jedi Civil War era Sith Dreadnaught Class Warship named "Bisolterra" which means "Land of the two suns" which is fitting for it orbits above Tatooine.

The Brotherhood, for their mysterious and sometimes nefarious ways (for their necessary evils comitted during the times needed) is considered a threat by both the Empire and the Republic, however, because of the lack of information, little to no action is taken. Due to their acceptance of people form all walks of life ( given they pass through initiation) including fallen jedi, the Brotherhood has the "friendlier" relationship with the Sith Empire.

Quote from my email:

" The Brotherhood, being notorious and mysterious, is wanted by those who consider it a threat. So, in the tradition that every (insert guild leader rank name here), our characters' father made his three sons swear an oath that upon their eighteenth birthday they will be split up and dropped off in different, remote corners of the galaxy. In order to be certain that everything is kept confidential, the memories of each one of the heir was erased and their neurofluids kepts in deep freeze aboard the Brotherhood's capital ship for memory restoration when the times comes that the three make their ascension to leadership.  Ten years later, each one of the Brothers mysteriously vanish from their lives and find themselves on board a spacecraft of somesort. Drugged out of their mind, none of the three could make out much aside from the medical bay sign and three tables prepared for a form of surgery. After that, it all goes black as a potent sedative is injected directly into the brain of each brother and the Brotherhood's surgeons begin the memory restoration process. After three weeks of recovery, the memories rush back and the Brothers realize who they are and what must have happened. (I am unsure of where the RP should begin but, I've decided that my character was dropped off on Raxus Prime)"

*Note* The Brotherhood will ICly be led by the three Brother's Bloodmoon who all share the power after their father's demise. OOCly, however, I'm in charge.

*Update* Rather then the Brothers' being eighteen, it has been changed to that they were sent away went each one was born.

*Update* Neerzlu's character was placed on his mother's homeworld on Iridonia, homeworld of the Zabrak (Neer's char is the bastard of the father and a zabrakian woman.)


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