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"To You, My Brother", By Thunderbláde

To You, My Brother

To You, my brother,

I write this letter,

Of Goodness and Pride,

Of Sorrow and Tear,

Of Hope and ‘Morrow,

To think on the cheer,

To think of the fear.

All of which that got us here,

Ago, four year.


To you, my brother,

I remember our start.

Naïve yet with values at heart.

Of Freedom and Life,

Of Lorecraft and Tale,

Of Persistence and Growth.

To think on our emerald dream,

To think how humble it doth seem.

All without corrupting praise,

Long before the best of our days.


To you, my brother,

I recall our age.

Golden prestige with wisdom sage.

Of Ambition and Honor,

Of Friendship and Trust,

Of Fortune and Fame.

To think now on our accord,

To think we though our way did ward.

All without worry, all without sight.

Mistakes then made began our plight.


To you, my brother,

I recollect the fall.

Lies and deceit, the tales so tall.

Of Sadness and Depress,

Of Anger and Hate,

Of Scarring and Pain.

To think on events of that day,

To think on those who soon shall pay.

All of those who robbed us blind,

Our legacy , that day, did down wined.


To you, my brother,

I remember our reprise.

Upon we thought the sun would rise.

Of Star and Serpent,

Of Power and Emotion,

Of New and Old.

To think on our risky ventures,

To think to our cause we were indentured.

All of these failings with which we cope,

We sulked in the fateful day, we lost the hope.


To you, my brother,

I recall our pledge.

A future determined, A precarious ledge.

Of Scrolls and Stability,

Of War and Trinity,

Of Ice and Unity.

To think we traveled this road before,

To think we’d knock at Oblivion’s door.

All of the misery will no here end,

To our will the new world shall bend.


To you, my brother,

I wrote this letter.

Of Goodness and Pride,

Of Sorrow and Tear,

Of Hope and Morrow.

To think on what was thee,

To think on what soon will be.

All of our work hath come to this,

Our tradition, our honor, in light doth glist.

Time now comes to toss our boatman’s token,

To persist, and rally, and be Unbroken.




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