The Brotherhood of Bloodmoon


The Brotherhood of Bloodmoon Saga

*Prologue: "The Librarian"

*Prologue: "Greysworn: A Story of Honor and Burden" 

*Book I : Greyheart (Chapters I - VII) [ The Beginning of the 18th Nightmareship]

*Book II: The Golden Tempest (Chapters VIII - XVIII) [The Golden Age and Collapse of the Old Brotherhood]

*Book III: My Brother's Keeper (Chapters XIX - XXII)[ The Refugee Years]

*Book IV: Will The Circle Be Unbroken(Chapters XXIII - Present) [The Rebuilding of the Order] 

The Brotherhood of Bloodmoon - Prologue: The Librarian

 "The Librarian"

It has been 200 years since the Oblivion Crisis ended the Third Era, and Tamriel is ever eventful as always. Far to the north, in the rebellious province of Skyrim, the Nords take sides to determine Skyrim's future in the Tamrielic Empire while rumors of dragons sweep through the tundra. In the city of Whiterun, denizens go about their daily lives with little worry despite the apparent "dragon attack" in the nearby town of Helgen. Today, however, they are graced by a special visitor, Urag go-Shub, the Librarian of the College of Winterhold. 

Urag has come to Whiterun in pursuit of a drifter ,whom he believes, possesses valuable information that could lead to a unprecedented discovery. By the description of the Drifter's wisdom, Urag is looking for a frail, old man that has a dislike for people. Being that the case, the "Bannered Mare" is out of the question due to its prolific community of boozehounds. If the "Bannered Mare' is not the watering hole of this drifter, then all that remains is the less crowded "Drunken Huntsman". The "Drunken Huntsman" is a hangout for hunters and woodsmen who wish to pick up gear and down a pint while they're at it. Such a crowd is not that of a social individual, making this tavern the best shot that Urag has at catching the Drifter before he moves on.

      Urag enters the "Drunken Huntsman" to find that it's nearly empty. The Barkeep is wiping down the mugs and glasses while a old man sleeps at a corner table and a peculiar Khajiit man sips on his mead on the far end of the bar counter. Urag spots the old man sleeping and lights up slightly, thinking he had found his man. Urag then approaches the bar counter and sits down at one of the stools.

 "What'll it be, Orc?" The Barkeeper shouts from down the bar counter.

"Oh...erm..", Urag motions with his finger for the Barkeep to come to him, and, being a good businessman the Barkeeper does so.

"Alrighty then... what'll it be?", The Barkeep asks again.

Urag leans in and whispers, "Sir, I'm not here for a drink, rather, I'm here for information..."

"Information eh?", The Barkeeper rubs his chin, "Well, let's see... Helgen was apparently destroyed the other day by a dragon, Jarl Balgruuf is offering a reward for the heads of some bandits out west and-"

"No! No! The information I seek isn't the typical inquiry of a traveler", Urag interrupts, " I seek a drifter, an infamous one which visits this area ever now and again. He may have valuable clues to my research..."

"Research, eh?", The Barkeep laughs, "What are ya? Some kind of scientist?"

"Sir, time is a valuable commodity, please just answer the question," Urag replies, sounding obviously annoyed.

 "Fine, no need to be rude...", The Barkeeper, to Urag's surprise, points to the Khajiit rather than the Old Man, "He's right over there."

Urag blinks, shocked that his wise man is a sketchy-looking Khajiit in a tattered, hooded robe. Nonetheless, Urag gets up from his stool and approaches the "Cat-man" . The Khajiit had matted hair and smelled as if though he hadn't bathed in a year, such signs were not that of good fortune.

Urag taps the Khajiit on his shoulder, "Excuse me, sir?"

"M'aiq knows much, tell some." The Khajiit immediately responds, purring afterwards.

"Alright then, M'aiq. I have heard that you are a man that knows many things that others do not? Have I been informed correctly?" Urag inquires.

"Yes, yes it is. M'aiq wishes he had stick made of fishies, sadly, he does not", M'aiq replies in an....unique way.

  Urag blinks, not sure what to make of M'aiq's personality, "O..kay...then...uh.." Urag struggles to regain his composure.

M'aiq chuckles and gives Urag hard pat on the back, "Don't think about it too much, friend."

Urag nods and tries to continue, "Now, M'aiq.. I have sought you out  on behalf of the College of Winterhold. We have reason to believe that you have information regarding an ancient order and a text which it possesses that is of great value to the College."

M'aiq's face slowly loses its crazed look as he listens to Urag, he takes a swig of his mead before speaking, "Name?"

"Of?" Urag responds.

"The name of the book, what is the name of the book?" M'aiq asks sternly.

Urag raises an eyebrow, unsure of what's changed the Khajiit's demeanor, "Why, I believe it's called the 'Bloodmoon Tome'..."

         "And why are you asking me about it, exactly?" M'aiq replies, having gotten progressively more uneasy.

"Well wish we to find it of course and-" Urag is interrupted by a sudden, loud burst of laughter from M'aiq which captures the Barkeeper's attention and wakes the old man.

M'aiq then stops just as suddenly as he had started and gives Urag a cold stare that was akin to a glare, "I can't just tell you how to find that which cannot be found nor tell you how to seek out an order that exists and doesn't."

Urag gives M'aiq a puzzled look, "Excuse me?"

M'aiq downs the last half of his pint and turns to look Urag straight in the eye, "I won't stop you from pursuing this lofty goal of yours...but how much do you honestly know?"

"To be frank, very little. There were no records...we just happened to have gotten wind of a folk tale from The Pale which seemed to have credibility to it..." Urag says as he shakes his head in disappointment with himself.

"To understand the Tome, you must first understand the Brotherhood, " M'aiq states with unparalleled confidence. 

Urag snarls, feeling as if though his intelligence had just been insulted, "And how in Malacath's name am I to do that?!"

M'aiq leans back onto the bar counter and smirks slyly, "M'aiq knows much, tell some. M'aiq knows many things that others do not..."

Urag shakes his head in disbelief before sitting down next to the eccentric Khajiit. M'aq then begins to tell to Urag an ancient tale of Honor and Burden... 

Brotherhood of Bloodmoon - Prologue: Greysworn

"Greysworn" : A Story of Honor and Burden

     It was 11,000 years ago, 10,000 years from the time of our story, that the Bloodmoon Tome first arrived on the ancient shores of Atmora. The Tome had been created in  the grand libraries of Apocrypha, the realm of Hermaeus Mora, by a Lesser Daedra named Arugatheron Bloodmoon, whom is the Tome's namesake. Arugatheron's book contained what is believed to be all knowledge, everything from the darkest depths of insanity to the beauty of eternal life. All of which he gathered, through the aid of his cult, The Calligraphic  (Or "Inkbloods" as the Brotherhood calls them). The Upstart Daedra intended to use his diabolical creation to form a seventeenth plain of Oblivion, then, from his newly acquired throne, bring death to the other sixteen Daedric Princes as well as the gods of men and mer. If successful, Arugatheron would have established himself as the solitary ruler of both Oblivion and Mundus, granting him an enormous canvas upon which he could paint his disturbing vision of existence. Arugtheron's plan, however, would never come to fruition. He would be discovered by Mehrunes Dagon's most trusted advisors while attempting his first hostile takeover,prompting Arugatheron to flee and hide away his creation for later use when the time was right. It was in the isolated reaches of Atmora, a primal,overgrown region, that Arugatheron hid away his macabre text. He tasked his Cult to defend the artifact until he reclaimed it one day in the far off future, however, their failure to reproduce and repeated attacks by the encroaching wildlife rendered the black, leatherbound book unprotected in a matter of months. Meanwhile, Arguatheron himself had been banished to the tumultuous nether region which was to be his future Plane of Oblivion. This left the defeated daedra  at the mercy of the purest forms of evil and, worse yet, his thoughts. 

Months after the last of Arugetheron's followers fell to the forces of nature, the native peoples of the continent began encroaching further into the wilderness. One such group was a hunting party led by a man named, Njorsinvar Shadowborn, who had the humble goal of feeding his village. Some Men, it would seem, cannot outrun their destiny. Such was the case when the hunting party of Njorsinvar Shadowborn stumbled upon a cave, the very presence of which made some of the huntsman uncontrollably ill. The sudden onset of sickness prompted five of the party, Njorsinvar included, to investigate the interior of the hollow. Upon first entrance, the cavern boasted little surprise, however, the main chamber proved to be quite another story. The hunters, mouths agape, stumbled aimlessly in awe at the plethora of glowing, red daedric runes which canvased the cave walls. Then, they saw it. Lying untouched upon an ornately carved alter, covered in an inch of dust, was a large, black leatherbound book. Such an anomaly was unheard of in the wilds of Atmora, where game is plentiful and secrets are few and far between. The book was of great curiosity to the huntsman, however, fear prevented them all from investigating further. Indeed all the huntsman grew increasingly fearful, all the huntsman except for Njorsinvar. The brave leader of the hunting party cautiously approached the strange book, and, noticing no disturbance, he drew ever closer. Njorsinvar places his hand upon the book and proceeds to wipe off the dust.

After having been cleaned, the Tome sensed the presence of Njorsinvar and the runes that covered its spine began to glow in the same shade of red as those on the cavern walls. Then, there upon the cover, was a symbol never seen before in the mortal realm. It seemed to glow with the intensity of fire ,yet the texture itself seemed to resemble fresh blood. Njorsinvar touched the strange new character with his finger, which then caused the blood-like surface to ripple like liquid, yet, stay in place. Suddenly, the book flew open, its pages turning at an unprecedented speed before it ascends into a levitated state... taking Njorsinvar with it. A black-grey smoke then sprung forth from the Tome and enveloped Njorsinvar, seeming as if though it was sucking the color from his living flesh. As suddenly as the scene began, it ended, landing Njorsinvar on his knees. One of the other huntsman rushes to aid the injured leader only to have his life reduced to a fine,red mist. Frozen in fear, the three huntsman fail to make their escape as the once human Njorsinvar turns to face them. The man's eyes became black orbs of nothingness, his skin became snow white and took on the texture of charcoal. His teeth had become like daggers and his hands replaced with claws that resembled something out of an torture chamber. The horrifying sight was the last for the three remaining huntsman.  The manifestation of rage ,that was once Njorsinvar, made his kinsmen into a guiltless,cannibalistic meal. As the creature fed on his former comrades, a white light as bright as the sun itself began to shine just above the altar. A deity of unknown origin and identity burned the creature with its harsh light, demanding its repentance. Njorsinvar experienced an unimaginable pain as his body contorted back to its original form. The Lone Huntsman, physically weak and emotionally damaged from the sins he had committed begs the unknown entity for mercy. The light curses the wayward hunter and all his ancestors to be guardians of the Tome through way of what she called an "Ebon Nightmare". It too was  asked of Njorsinvar that he use his eternal punishment as a way to better the world and tasked him with the founding of an order to aid him in his burden. An Order to prevent other relics of the like from falling into the wrong hands and to act as unspoken protectors of all the mortal realm.

    Ten millennia since that day, the reign of a new "Ebon Nightmare" approached.  It was many a year after the first so called "Proto-Nords" landed on the shores of Skyrim and by this point in time the Nords had established themselves as an enigmatic part of Tamriel. Since before the Nords arrived in Skyrim, the Brotherhood had operated actively on the continent of Tamriel, however, each expedition was a long and perilous journey due to the overseas voyage required. After the first settlement, Bloodmoon looked to settle in this new land for good. It was in the mountains bordering Morrowind that the Brotherhood, led by Clan Shadowborn, established the Shadowborn Estate as their base of operations. Around Shadowborn Estate, the Brotherhood founded the village of Palewind Creek in order to disguise their headquarters.The Estate was not large enough, however, to hold the Brotherhood's notorious "Bloodmoonic Archives" and hence another location was sought out to for their holding. Shadowborn Estate was built in hopes that it would stand the test of time, however, that would not be the case. In the waning days of the Reman Dynasty of Cyrodilic Emperors, blissful ignorance kept the minds of Palewind Creek's inhabitants at ease. As the sun began to set over the frozen tundra, a feeling of uneasiness befell the poor farming village. The blistering cold seemed more unforgiving than usual and the livestock flailed at their pens as if though in a state of frantic escape. Hundreds of bloodthirsty, glowing eyes then pierced the horizon like shimmering rubies. All the while disturbing cries of all sorts drew closer and closer. The villagers, beloved by Clan Shadowborn, arm themselves with pitchforks and sickles in a vain attempt to defend themselves from the coming threat. Little did the villagers know, they were on their own.

Deep in the catacombs below the Shadowborn Estate, an upstart local sellsword by the name of Kvarkkin met with the Ebon Nightmare, Tolmyr Voraldson Shadowborn. Kvarkkin was given minimal information as to why he was summoned to the center of all things Bloodmoon, however, his gut had convinced him to go. Little did the young Sellsword know, he would also walk straight into the center of fate as well. Upon entering the throne room of the Bloodmoonic Court, Tolmyr began to ask Kvarkkin a series of frustrating ,and sometimes, all too personal questions. Tempers began flaring after the Ebon Nightmare mentioned Kvarkkin's mother and father by name, a fact alone that hints that some underhanded tactics had been used. The Ebon Nightmare then attempts to quell any further emotional outbursts by signalling his guard to move uncomfortably close to the Sellsword. Such an act of disrespect, in the culture of the Nords, does not go unpunished. Kvarkkin challenges Tolmyr  to a fight to the death, right there in the Court of the Brotherhood's leadership. Tolmyr, a man of incredible honor, accepts. The Young Hothead strikes first, issuing a deep cut into the calf of the Veteran Swordsman whom he was fighting. Tolmyr strikes back, yet, he misses on purpose, hoping that the next blow would finally be his release. Kvarkkin knocks Tolmyr onto his back, the earlier injury making the Old Man unable to prop himself back up. The Sellsword holds the edge of his blade to the Ebon Nightmare's throat, one simple thrust away from changing the course of his entire life, and, indeed the known world.

       "Remember child, Remember, There is no light, There is zealotry. There is no dark, there is belligerence. Through mortality I gain bravery, and through bravery I transcend eternity." Offers the man, facing his death, a last few words of wisdom.

         Kvarkkin hesitates to finish the fight, confused by the words of the subdued guild leader. His ears then focus in on the Brothers and Sisters of Bloodmoon whom have gathered all around. The cheers of the small crowd thirst for honorable blood, and so, if the followers of this man demand his blood than a favor was being done with the taking of his life. One final thrust sends Kvarkkin's rusty blade through Tolmyr Shadowborn's throat, ending the life of a suffering old coot. Tears of joy rain from the crowd as their beloved leader had been finally put out of his misery. All joy then gives way to silence when the victorious young Sellsword ragdolls to the ground. The Ascendence had begun. Kvarkkin begins violently convulsing, his whole body in a state of an intense, burning pain. Knowledge, lore, and memories not his own flood like a tidal wave into his mind. Blood streams from his eyes as the curse begins to take hold of his mind, body, and soul. Red radiates from the Man's eyes and mouth as he is lifted into the air and propped up on his feet, barely able to stand. An awed silence befalls the Brotherhood as they all suddenly drop to a knee. Kvarkkin regains  his composure in time to hear the most shocking of chants: All Hail! The Ebon Nightmare, Kvarkkin Njorsinvar Shadowborn! Hail!  Slowly, Kvarkkin turns his head towards a nearby silver tray holding a pitcher of mead and several jeweled goblets. There, staring back at Kvarkkin from the tray was the visage of himself with glowing, red eyes... the very same which Tolmyr had boasted only moments before.

The newly ascended Ebon Nightmare stares, wide-eyed at the throngs of men, women, and children of all walks of life whom now look to him for leadership. Leadership, a situation a lone mercenary knows too little about. Just before Kvarkkin attempts to say a few words of inspiration to his Brothers and Sisters, a khajiit woman barges through the throne room doors.  The Khajiit, without hesitation, kneels before the feet of the Ebon Nightmare.

  "M'lord, I beg your pardon but-" 

"M'am, with all due respect I'll be havin' no kneelin'. That ain't my way." Kvarkkin interrupts.

The Khajiit pushes herself back up onto two feet and finishes, "I beg your pardon, but we need to send a few men up to Palewind. The scent of death grew thicker by the second as I walked through the Estate's courtyard."

"Then send a few men we shall. What's your name again, M'am?" The Nightmare asks.

The Khajiit bows slighty as she introduces herself, "Myyah, Sir. Former Second in Command under Tolmyr Shadowborn and current Second in Command under you... if you'll still have me."


Kvarkkin nods, " 'Spose there ain't no harm to it. I'll have you in second and upstairs with me to investigate. Any other volunteers?"


A total party of seven, including Kvarkkin and Myyah emerge from the Esate's Courtyard to stumble upon a gruesome scene. The air was thick with billowing smoke and embers. The cobblestone streets of the unassuming farming community now looked like the rivers of blood one would only think to find in the very bowels of Oblivion. Corpses of workmen, their wives, and their smallfolk were laid into piles as the attacked took select corpses. Took them to feed upon. In the main square, clear as day, were the culprits of the mass murder. Creatures who have crossed the boundary which a man must cross in order to leave behind all humanity and persist as a beast.  Vampires. These Vampire, it seemed, were feral and had wondered throughout the wilderness feeding on small farming villages. The Brotherhood of Bloodmoon was, is, and always will be an organization that looks the depths of the mysterious in the eye and thrusts a dagger into its gut. With silver broad swords at easy disposal, not a single one of the bloodsucking vermin were left alive. Yet, the feral beasts did not leave for Coldharbour without causing their fair share of damage. Palewind Creek was wiped off the map, and the visible portion of the Shadowborn Estate lay in shambles. Yet, despite bold plans to rebuild, circumstance would force the Brotherhood to rot in the ruins of the Estate for five long years.

It was to be a simple act of expansion, a hope to extend Bloodmoon's reach more directly into other parts of Tamriel. Molag Bal, the Daedric Prince of Domination, however, would have none of it. It was his cultists whom ambushed Kvarkkin's small caravan enroute to the Dunmeri Island of Vvanderfall. The Ebon Nightmare was the only one kept alive, and for twisted purpose. The Cultists drag Kvarkkin, kicking and screaming, to the dreaded plane of Coldharbour. Molag Bal sought to create a champion out of Kvarkkin without his will, through slavery, domination, and undeath. It was in Coldharbour that a man of cursed blood found more weight place upon his burden as he took countless lives without free will or guilt.

It was five years to the day which the Ebon Nightmare first disappeared that he found his freedom and returned home to his brethren (It remains a mystery how this occured). Hiding himself as best he could, he was let back into the ruins of the Estate by Regent Nightmare Myyah herself.  It was noticeable. Something was not right. It was then that Myyah asked Kvarkkin to reveal himself before she and the newly recruited Third in Command, Drunard, an accomplished assassin from High Rock. Kvarkkin carefully pulled down his hood and removed the scarf which he used to cover his face. What was shown to the two officers was a man that looked as if they he had been freshly slain. His skin was pale and cold to the touch. His hair, although still black, was graying at the edges. Kvarkkin opened his hand and a ball of black energy began to swirl in his palm. Darkness now radiated from the man. He told his officers that Molag Bal dubbed him his "Pale Rider" a slave champion whom walked the border between life and death, might and magic. 

Kvarkkin discovered that, since his disappearance, the Brotherhood had fallen into strong disarray. Numbers dwindled with a headquarters that one could barely call home. It was this day that the Brotherhood began its growth and moved out into the world. It was this day that would change the fates of many who would no doubt cross the Brotherhood's path. First thing was first, however, a proper organization needs a proper home out of which it can operate. Home, after all, is where the heart is.

Brotherhood of Bloodmoon - Book I: Greyheart

Greyheart - Chapter I: "A Bloodmoon Rising"

      The Brotherhood, through the combined effort of Kvarkkin, Myyah, Drunard, and Cydric managed to capture an abandoned Fort which they dubbed Greyheart Hold. It was was mostly intact and boasted intimidating fortifications. This was truly a base of operations worthy of the Brotherhood. Yet, happiness would soon yield to intense anger. It was later that evening, while celebrating at a nearby Inn, that two belligerent elves began spouting racial slurs aimed at the motley crew drinking to their accomplishment. With emotions high and easy access to mead, a bar fight soon broke out. Little did either party know that the punches thrown that night would lead to war.

They called themselves, "The Summerset Dreamers", a mysterious  order of lore gatherers and treasure hunters from the Summerset Isle. They had only been on a routine mission in Skyrim to do their duty and simply got themselves in a fight with the wrong crowd. Kvarkkin, being a Nord, has been in one bar fight too many and simply looked to forgive and forget as is always done. Myyah, however, had not been so easy to let the racial slurs go. Recently, the Khajiit officer realized that she can easily manipulate Kvarkkin by taking advantage of his inexperience as a leader... and manipulate she did. Myyah pressured Kvarkkin to take matters into the Brotherhood's hands. Hence, the Brotherhood of Bloodmoon declared war on The Summerset Dreamers.

The so called "war" barely escalated to anything outside of few isolated (yet troublesome) scuffles in various places where both Bloodmoon and The Dreamers both operated. It would seem that not a soul gained any sort of value from the conflict except for the manipulative Khajiit. Or so Myyah thought to herself. It was when Elizsha, one of The Summerset Dreamers two co leaders met alone with Kvarkkin to discuss peace that the first real impact of the war was felt. The one on one meeting was held in the early morning hours just outside Greyheart Hold. There, Elizsha would give Kvarkkin the speech of her life. She pointed out all the mistakes and all the stupidity which this "war" had caused, but, above all else she pointed out Kvarkkin's ineffectiveness as a leader. Elizsha left the Ebon Nightmare absolutely speechless. Kvarkkin swore now that he would no longer rely on the likes of Myyah. More importantly, he swore that he would step up and become the leader which the Brotherhood needed. 

  If only the two guilds knew the chain of events that would be set off by these simple peace talks, if only... 



Greyheart- Chapter II: "Let Us Cross Over The River..."

  Tensions had risen severely between Kvarkkin and the recently married Cydric and Myyah Skymountain. Yet it failed in comparison to the Brotherhood's growing conflict with a powerful governing body that was known simply as, "The Tamrielic Assembly". Their governing oligarchy recently denied the Brotherhood admission to its organization on grounds that the Summerset Dreamers fiasco made them a possible liability. The Brotherhood, however, suspected that their was more to The Assembly's decision. Because of this rejection, the Brotherhood was only left with two allies at its back: The Altmer nobility of the House Shadowsworn and General Draskk's "Band of Brothers". In the wake of the uncertainty surrounding its diplomatic future, the Brotherhood took solace in its work. Deep within the Argonian homeland of Black Marsh, Brotherhood explorers discovered an interesting anomaly. It was enchanted glade, filled to the brim with natural magics that linked together this world and the next where peaceful spirits walk the land of the living simply to reminisce. It was found that the waters of this glade had incredible healing properties that could perform unimaginable miracles. It was also theorized that the magical waters could grants wishes, however, that effect remains untested.

Suddenly, the state of affairs in the Brotherhood took a turn for the worst. Myyah, in Kvarkkin's absence, took it upon herself to remove Drunard, Headmaster of the Covenant of Rogues, from Bloodmoon's ranks.  Myyah sent word to Kvarkkin in an ploy to tarnish the good name of the noble thief. Myyah, however, could no longer control the Ebon Nightmare. Kvarkkin easily caught on to Myyah's latest attempt at manipulation. Before the day was done, Drunard once again dawned Bloodmoon colors and resumed his duties with the Covenant of Rogues. Shocked at Kvarkkin's rebuke of her decision, Myyah became livid and boldy questioned her leader's actions. The Ebon Nightmare would have no more of Mrs.Skymountain's insubordination. Kvarkkin harshly scolded both Myyah and Cydric for their attempts to control him and make sweeping decisions outside of their authority. In a fit of arrogance, the married couple took Kvarkkin's words as a slap in the face. They then threw their tabards at the Ebon Nightmare's feet and left Greyheart Hold never to return.

In an attempt to put recent setbacks behind them, the Brotherhood of Bloodmoon and the House Shadowsworn gather at a popular tavern in the Nordic city of Whiterun. The two allies spin tales and drink mead heavily in hopes they could drown their sorrows if only for one night. There in the main bar area seemed to be a sickly, old woman slumped over in the corner. Not a soul seemed to recognize her and when someone tried to socialize with the woman she would limp over to a different corner. High Priestess Eviannya Shadowsworn then caught sight of the elderly bar goer. She identified the woman as Elizsha Bloodhawke, the co leader of the Summerset Dreamers. Elizsha had been to all the temples to seek the guidance of the eight divines, she had been to all Tamriel's greatest healers from all walks of life. None could cure the virulent strain of illness that so ailed her. As far as she knew, she had mere days to live. The dying elf had come to the Tavern to say goodbye to friends and family and perhaps make peace with her fiance (whom she was to marry in two weeks), however, she could not bring herself to divulge the bad news. A man then approached Elizsha, having noticed her condition, and offered a possible way to save her life. To the surprise of all in attendance, that man was Ebon Nightmare Kvarkkin Shadowborn.

Kvarkkin told Elizsha of Bloodmoon's discovery in Black Marsh. He was more than willing to escort Elizsha the many miles to the enchanted glade which boastsed superior healing properties so that she could live on. Elizsha, rightfully so, was suspicious of Kvarkkin's intentions, after all, this was the man that was manipulated into attacking her friends and family over a bar fight. Yet, in the end, there was little choice. The small chance that she could live to marry her fiance was all the motivation she needed in the end. Elizsha could indeed die either way, by illness or by Bloodmoon's hand, but, for love, it was risk well worth taking. In the end, the two adversaries journeyed south to the wild swamps of Black Marsh. Kvarkkin led the fellow guild leader straight to the enchanted glade he had mentioned, no strings attached. Before the magics of the glade could work, Elizsha had to invoke the spirits of the area in order to catch a glimpse of a possible fate. This process attuned the elf's soul to the glade itself allowing for the water's properties to work on her. After Elizsha attuned herself to the glade, Kvarkkin instructed her to completely submerge herself within the glade's crystalline waters. The glade's waters did not abide by the characteristics of normal water as the elf's weight alone would keep her entire body submerged and breathing was possible underneath. Elizsha, trusting in what seemed like a longshot, stripped herself bare and delved into the water. She laid herself down underneath the water's surface and was shortly lulled to sleep by the glade's magics so that healing could occur and so that evil could be expelled from her being. Kvarkkin waited in vain, ignorant of that fact that the healing process was an arduously slow one. He left her to her healing in a place that was by all definitions a safe haven. All that could be done was wait.

Two weeks later, Elizsha Bloodhawke would emerge from the enchanted waters right as rain. Not a hint of illness left in her flesh. Not a single evil spirit left in her soul. The healthy bride-to-be now had a wedding to prepare for.


Greyheart- Chapter III: "Exorcism"

For as long as the Brotherhood has been in existence, they have been the enemy of Oblivion. They have hunted many a daedra and foiled many an evil plot. Yet, one daedra in particular, Arugatheron Bloodmoon, holds the title of arch nemesis. Ever since he was imprisoned in the chaotic void that was to be the 17th plane of Oblivion, Arugatheron  has plotted his escape. His first attempt was a direct approach that, in doing, was intended to cut the Brotherhood off at its head.

It happened suddenly one day as Kvarkkin's spirits were weakened after a recent illness. The Ebon Nightmare began to display drastic changes in everything from mood to tone of voice. To the Brothers and Sisters of Bloodmoon, it seemed as if though an entirely different person was serving as their leader. Yet, soon, they found themselves uncaring and too experiencing the same changes which their beloved leader had been experiencing. Before long, Bloodmoon began committing heinous acts of brutality and sadism towards innocents that was unprecedented in its history. Reports flooded in from all over Tamriel including an instance where Brothers murdered an Altmeri noble family in order to drink of their blood. Hearing of the Brotherhood's descent into madness, The Assembly began to spread propaganda in order to inform the masses of Bloodmoon's newly adopted evil ways. Due in part to The Assembly's efforts, the Brotherhood of Bloodmoon became public enemy number one.

The corruption that so gripped the Brotherhood now began to spread to the allied House Shadowsworn. Her holiness, High Priestess Eviannya was the most notable to fall to Arugatheron's spell. The corruption so entrenched itself into its victims that most began to fear that the Brotherhood of Bloodmoon and the House Shadowsworn were beyond redemption and, therefore, must be purged. Yet, there was one dissenter to this opinion, Azeri, Eviannya's lover. It was Azeri who believed that no soul was beyond redemption and decided to put his faith to the test in order to push back the growing daedric corruption. Alone, Azeri confronted the trio of Kvarkkin, Eviannya, and the recently recruited Argonian, Neerzlu in the Imperial town of Chorrol. The lone Altmer, having acted on impulse, stalled his foes with threats as he attempted to think of a way to lead the three to the Temple of Stendarr. That is when Azeri jumped from his mount and commandeered Eviannya's horse, riding it straight towards the Temple of Stendarr. Kvarkkin and Neerzlu trailed behind them in pursuit, attempting to fell Azeri with bow and arrow. 

Little did the corrupted know, Azeri had tricked them into their own exorcism. The forces at work in the House of the God of Justice and Mercy had rendered those corrupted by daedra as powerless. After a powerful prayer done by Azeri, the High Priestess Eviannya was freed from Arugatheron's shackles. The combined efforts of the two Altmer  and the priests already present at the temple won the freedom of both Bloodmoon and Shadosworn. Yet, the exorcisms had their toll on the Ebon Nightmare. The daedric corruption, combined with the Ebon Nightmare curse, combined with Kvarkkin's undeath made the attempts at removing corruption cause unintended damage. Kvarkkin began to convulse and spew a green bile before slipping into a coma. It was as if though the Stendarr himself attacked what he saw as an abomination. After weeks of laborious restoration rituals by Eviannya and her priestesses, Kvarkkin would awake two weeks later. After this incident, Bloodmoon would reevaluate itself in order to prevent such a large breach of security from happening again. A greater understanding of daedra means a greater protection against daedra. No amount of knowledge, however, can remove the stain that now forever sullies the reputation of the Brotherhood of Bloodmoon.


Greyheart - Chapter IV: "We Will Not Falter..."

In the aftermath of the daedra scare, the Brotherhood decided its best course of action was to keep moving forward. In doing so, Kvarkkin and Drunard arranged a much needed, albeit tense meeting with Myyah and Cydric to tie loose ends. The fact that the married couple decided to attend was an encouraging sign in of itself; However, snakes more often than not feign good intention. Civil discussion quickly devolved into a virulent storm of venom being spat back and forth. Government was the most divisive issue as the Bloodmoonic Court and the Assembly's Oligarchy tended to be at odds with each other. Myyah often levied harsh criticism onto Kvarkkin and how he managed the Brotherhood. Oddly enough, it was the Bloodmoonic Court, not the Oligarchy of the Tamrielic Assembly that had stood stable (relatively) for 10,000 years. To the casual observer, to whom which the more stable form of governance belonged to was all but obvious. Yet, the Assembly and its minions preferred to omit facts which they didn't find beneficial to their cause, Myyah was by no means an exception to the rule. Drunard would attempt to ease the tension in the room, but to no avail as the Assembly's favorite duo began attacking Bloodmoon's existence all together. It seemed to Kvarkkin as if though the two were all but outright declaring that they wished to incite rebellion within the Brotherhood's ranks. The meeting would end there with relations between the Brotherhood of Bloodmoon and the Tamrielic Assembly being far worse than they were before. This debacle, however was merely the start. The situation was about to take a dire turn for the abysmal.

Later that very week, Drunard and his men got wind that the Assembly and its member guilds were to meet in the Cyrodilic town of Skingrad. It was there that the Headmaster sent his Covenant of Rogues to gather valuable intelligence. Through the Covenant's efforts, it was revealed that the bigger concern to the Assembly was a Separatist faction in High Rock and Hammerfell known as "The Kingship of the East". When Myyah was given the floor to speak, she allegedly tried to frame recent events to make it seem as if though the Brotherhood was in cahoots with the hated Kingship. Myyah had always been a black widow and she still spun well her web of lies in her quest for power. Her rumor would annihilate what credibility the Brotherhood still retained among its fellow guilds. Yet, the most stunning revelation of all was that the  exalted Jeridan of the Hand of the Phoenix relinquished his office as head of the Assembly's oligarchal council. The reasons for the Altmer's departure were incredibly vague and after that day he'd never be seen again. It was this development which revealed the true villain in all of this, for it was the Altmeri nobles of House Nyx whom took Jeridan's former post. From there and from behind the scenes, the House Nyx turned the Tamrielic Assembly into its lapdog. After news of these recent developments reach Greysworn Keep, the Bloodmoonic court begins to devise a plot to bring about the downfall of The Assembly and House Nyx along with it. It was lightheartedly dubbed "Operation: Moonshine."

  One of the most crucial segments of "Operation: Moonshine" was to form a counterpart to the Tamrielic Assembly that consisted of the guilds that it had alienated in the past. The Brotherhood and its new found brothers-in-arms dubbed their alliance "The Greysworn Syndicate" after Bloodmoon's HQ where it was founded. The goal of the Syndicate was simply to tarnish the reputation of the Assembly and the House Nyx. In those days, many a battle tended to be fought behind the scenes with politics and intrigue rather than actual fighting. Such was the state of of the culture at the time. The Greysworn Syndicate hoped that its efforts would cause other guilds to raise sedition towards the Assembly.  While they were successful in raising questions, the Syndicate lacked tangible evidence to cause a guild to commit to a serious uprising. It was on to Plan B. 

In order to gather more dirt of the Assembly's affairs, the Syndicate naturally turned to Bloodmoon's Covenant of Rogues. Drunard himself would infiltrate a group of high standing House Nyx officers meeting at a tavern in Chorrol. There, over the course of four hours, he would glean intelligence regarding an Assembly plot to assassinate the Ebon Nightmare. Were the Assembly to be so impulsive as to go through with this plot, rebellion would run rampant through their member institutions. As an opportunist, Drunard couldn't bear to let this chance slip through Bloodmoon's fingers. He figured that if they were to fake Kvarkkin's murder, then, in theory, they could stage a massive revolt. 

So the trap had been set and Kvarkkin rode out in the company of two "guards" (Neerzlu and Drunard). They rode dangerously close to a contingent of Hand of Phoenix members on the Black Marsh - Cyrodil border to attract attention. Hand of Phoenix took the bait on impulse and a chased ensued. After half an hour, Kvarkkin would ride his horse into a deep thicket of swamp on the Black Marsh side. He'd then dismount, remove his chest plate, and cut his arm with a large dagger. Using his wound, Kvarkkin smeared blood across the chest plate and made holes with his dagger to simulate arrow puncture damage. He would then leave it half sunk in the muck of the swamp for Drunard to "discover" as soon as he shook the Hand of Phoenix pursuit. Kvarkkin would then rendezvous with Neerzlu in Stormhold to set in motion the next stage of the plan. In the meantime, Drunard would visit with other guilds and present the chestplate as proof of Kvarkkin's murder; with high hopes that these efforts would spark outrage among the guilds. 

Using an empty soul gem, a Bloodmoon Conjurer staged Kvarkkin's resurrection so that he could exacerbate the pressure mounting on the Tamreilic Assembly. Around this time, General Draskk's "Band of Brothers" fell apart as the Assembly began to crack down on its member guilds out of paranoia. The General and his men had been loyal allies of the Brotherhood despite their allegiance to the Assembly and Kvarkkin would not see the battle-scarred Orc go homeless. As fate would have it, Drunard would retire from the Brotherhood of Bloodmoon around this time leaving Kvarkkin without a right hand. Due to his prior experience, the Ebon Nightmare would appoint General Draskk to replace Drunard as the Undying Horror of the Brotherhood of Bloodmoon. 

Two days later, the Brotherhood would receive the most melancholy of news. High Priestess Eviannya of the House Shadowsworn had passed away suddenly, leaving a gaping hole in the guild landscape and in the hearts of many. Azeri ascended to the head of House Shadowsworn, but his grasp on the unstable noble house was far too weak. Shadowsworn began to crumble, forcing the Brotherhood to cut ties with its long standing ally in order to save its own skin. With both of its close allies gone, the Brotherhood sought to strengthen its ties to the guilds of the Greysworn Syndicate as well as bring new guilds into the fold. Friends tended to be all too rare in those days, yet circumstances would soon change for the Brotherhood in an enormous way.

Kvarkkin was slow to act. Rather than seek out new allies, the Brotherhood turned inward for a time and allowed for events to become most difficult. General Draskk would disappear after venturing on an expedition to the deserts of Elsweyr, yet again leaving a hole in leadership. Neerzlu would be elevated to interim Undying Horror as the Brotherhood combed the sands for Draskk. At the same time, Neerzlu's brother, Narzlu, betrayed Neerzlu and the the Brotherhood in favor of House Nyx. He would divulge closely guarded secrets and intelligence to the Altermi noble house in exchange for an estate on the coast of Summerset Isle. Then, to add salt to the wound, Narzlu would kidnap Kvarkkin's two teenage sons, Gultam and Kjarkis to execute them in deepest sadism. Narzlu would take the two heirs to an old castle and pin them naked to the wooden floor through their wrists and ankles with rusty nails. He would then saw off their hands and feet so the two could not escape even if they were to rip free from the floor. Finally, in a showing of grandiose cruelty,  Narzlu would unleash a horde of starving skeevers to eat alive the two Shadowborn boys. House Nyx hoped that this chain of events would remind Bloodmoon of its lowly place in the world. Yet, embodying the spirit of Ursin, the Great Bear Spirit, the Brotherhood marched on with a renewed sense of motivation. Revenge. The Summerset Dreamers and the Orcs (and non-Orcs) of the diverse  Whiteclaw Clan bitterly split from the Tamreilic Assembly and joined the Greysworn Syndicate due to the actions of House Nyx. Before long, the fire of revolution spread and guilds flocked to stand behind the Greywsworn Syndicate. The Tamreilic Assembly was on its last legs and House Nyx felt their power wane in the shadow of lofty ideals.

The Greysworn Syndicate would march, united, on the Tamrielic Assembly's headquarters in Skingrad. The once proud "model of stability" of Tamriel's guild landscape surrendered without a fight. The House Nyx would then retreat back into the Summerset Isles to lick its wounds. The guilds of Tamriel were now free from the chains of aristocracy. The Brotherhood and its allies triumphed over a great rival through unyielding pursuit and by repairing the fabric of trust among guilds which House Nyx and the Assembly had destroyed.After a few months of rest, all the guilds of the former Greysworn Syndicate now met to form a new body of unification to replace the Tamrielic Assembly that would remain free of corruption. The of this meeting would be the legendary Crimson Order, whose inception would bring about a new age of peace and prosperity known as "The Shattered Era"


Greyheart - Chapter V: "Spiritwalker"

       He first appeared dawning the Bloodmoon colors. An young spitfire of a Dunmeri huntsman whose whole life was still ahead of him.  Yet, he would look too far inward and embrace a false sense of idealism that'd cause his detachment from reality.This man was named Thymbrael, and he would be etched in history as the Brotherhood's first true nemesis outside of the fabled Arugatheron Bloodmoon.  It was Thymbrael who "embraced deeply" his ancestral spirits, and did so to the point of zealotry. His brief tenure as a brother of Bloodmoon would end abruptly due to, of all reasons, religious differences with the guild known for its patch-work roster of all backgrounds.

From all across the Tamrelic guildscape, envoys arrived in the Summerset Isle to witness the marriage of Elizsha and Khazanthel of the Summerset Dreamers.  Not only would the leadership of the Dreamers be solidified this day, but Elizsha would officially become apart of the illustrious House Bloodhawke. From the harsh tundra of Skyrim came the Brotherhood of Bloodmoon, whose envoy included Kvarkkin, Neerzlu, and - most surprisingly- General Draskk. It seemed, from Draskk's personal account, that his men died from desert attrition and he managed to find his way back...on foot. As odd as this account was, the Brotherhood had more pressing matters to attend to; such as this wedding. 

As the guests mingled before the ceremony, Kvarkkin wandered off to the cliffside to be alone and watch the ocean waves below.  The Ebon Nightmare had been bothered by a strange feeling in his gut throughout the day. Saleandra, who had replaced Drunard as the Headmaster of the Covenant of Rogues, acted increasingly suspicious as this wedding drew nearer. That very day, she had made vague comments about "interrupting"  the wedding itself that hinted at violence under the guise of mere party crashing. Then, to Kvarkkin's surprise, he noticed a figure to his left. It was a man, crooked and dressed in tattered robes. He seemed to keep his balance on a crude staff made from cedar wood. 

"They are coming. I feel it, you feel it. It was always to be this way. The Spirits are never wrong. For it was and always will be foretold. Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps. Perhaps mortal existence will now see fate's inevitability. Perhaps they will embrace it rather than run. Perhaps... they will let blood flow from their torso and smile gratefully as it happens."  The man chanted, and loudly, but only the Ebon Nightmare could hear him.

Kvarkkin couldn't believe his ears, "Thymbrael?!" he inquired, shocked, unsure if he wanted to know the answer.

"Currently, yes. In a past life? No. In the future? No. We are insignificant blips in the grand spectrum of time, Nightmare. All existence is futile and meaningless and all we can do is accept our worthless fate and be at peace with it." Rambled Thymbrael in an apparent answer as he tightened the grasp on his staff. 

"Quit fuckin' around 'n make some sense, Thym." Kvarkkin inches closer to the decrepit elf." I ain't gonna stand here and listen ta' your bullshit again unless its 'bout you bein' thrown inta' an asylum."  

Thymbrael raises high his arms and chants, "Fire shall rain from the heavens as rings are traded and mothers cry. Away, Away, they run, they die. And all the living shall mourn and wonder why, before those battered bodies lie." As Kvarkkin reaches within arms length of Thymbrael, the Dunmer disappears into a cloud of dust and is blown away by the wind.

Kvarkkin, unnerved by Thymbrael's prophetic chanting and ghoulish exit, returns to the wedding and takes his seat among crowd. He watches the ceremony closely. As the priest asked for the wedding rings, Kvarkkin would instruct Neerzlu and Draskk to keep their hands on their weapon handles. As Khazanthel slid the wedding band onto Elizsha's finger, flaming arrows rained down from the sky. So began the slaughter. The most fell in the initial volley as the accuracy of the archers' was almost inhuman. Then, the raiders charged from the forest that covered the area adjacent to the cliff side, revealing their identity. To the shock of all, it was Kingship of the East, who seemed to have gone out of their way to turn the wedding of nobles into the culling of sheep.  The remaining guests who survived the volley, scurried to arm themselves; only to fall as broad sword tore cleanly through the mix of formal dress and flesh. The Brotherhood's trio, however,rallied on. Through the combined efforts of Kvarrkin's twin hammers, Draskk's battle axe, and Neerzlu's daggers, Elizsha and Khazanthel were escorted to safety, albeit with Elizsha in a "new" red wedding dress. Few survived the ambush, and those that did, were left with an innumerable amount of grief stricken questions. Widows and newly orphaned children wailed and moaned in deepest despair as the slain were laid to rest. The Summerset Dreamers now sought the goal of brutal revenge. The Brotherhood, on the other hand, sought Thymbrael- and to a lesser extent- Saleandra. 

A small contingent of the Brotherhood -including Kvarkkin and Neerzlu- would discover Thymbrael, and what appeared to be his cult, in Mournhold. The group refered to themselves as the "Scions of Ancestral Fate". There, Thymbrael would personally invite the Brotherhood to listen to his sermon as he preaches to his cult. Thym would reveal to the Brotherhood how he believed he was visited by the Ancestral Spirits. He claimed the revelations made to him assert there being no meaning to existence and that all we do to combat fate is pointless and vain. The only true path to peace, he claimed, was to accept the inevitably of this fate. He would then go on a tirade against all other religions (including the old ways of the Brotherhood), traditions, values, and government. Thymbrael, assuming that in all his "greatness" he had convinced the Brotherhood of his ways, commanded Kvarkkin and company to convert. His mistake, of course, was commanding Kvarkkin and Neerzlu, let alone the Brotherhood, to do something in the first place. With sentiments heightened by their fierce sense of independence and rebellion, the Brotherhood would simultaneously spit at Thymbrael's feet and depart from Mournhold. Thyrmbrael warned the Brotherhood as they left, that by defying him, they ensured that they will be purged along with the rest of those who refuse to accept him as their prophet. He would then set out to expand his cult, in hopes of setting methods of forced conversion into motion. 

Tensions would reach their apex on an eerily silent night in the Imperial City.  Kvarkkin, Draskk, Neerzlu, and the breton, John Daelock, would be ambushed in the Arena district. The Scions were in full control of the situation as they had paid off the Imperial Guards in advance so there would be minimal interference. The four were terribly outnumbered with prospects looking grim. As blood began to adorn the alabaster Imperial streets, the four brothers of Bloodmoon were reinforced as Leon Shadowsworn, the brother the the late Eviannya Shadowsworn, stumbled upon the scene and rushed to the aid of his old friends. The five warriors fought with every ounce of their spirit to escape the ambush with their lives. Yet it seemed that for every Scion they killed, five more arrived to take his place. In the end, retreat was the only option. Kvarkkin was mortally wounded from the fight, and John Daelock had fallen to Thymbrael's hand. The Scions would claim this night as a victory, albeit a minor one. 

Thymbrael, further disconnecting from reality, believed he not only slew John Daelock but Kvarkkin as well. In this false sense of accomplishment, Thymbrael and the Scions grew bolder and left themselves vulnerable. He and his officers would converge on the Brotherhood's homeland of Skyrim. They met in a tavern in Whiterun to further discuss their conversion agenda. Then, fire was fought with fire. As they left the tavern, the leadership structure was swarmed by the Brotherhood of Bloodmoon. It was Kvarkkin, Neerzlu, Draskk, as well as two newly recruited Bosmeri hunters, Vodkriz and Arianwin who fought to put an end to the madness.  Thymbrael and his officers were butchered right there in the street. This event swiftly  put to an end the Scions of Ancestral Fate and their quest to purge or convert the entirety of Nirn. 


Greyheart - Chapter VI: "Embers Of Eternity"

  Saleandra, Kvarkkin's left hand, was found to be the one behind the raid on the House Bloodhawke wedding. Although this yet again tainted the Brotherhood's reputation, there was no inkling of her connections to the "Kingship of the East". This added kindling to Myyah's earlier accusations of Bloodmoon treachery. Kvarkkin and Drunard would end up meeting with Myyah in Mournhold to try to put an end to the ages old feud. To the surprise of everyone, the meeting was relatively peaceful. Myyah and Kvarkkin debated over systems of governance and important issues relevant to their organizations, including the reemergence of a new Tamrielic Assembly. Nonetheless, the two both stated their arguments well and earned each other's respect. After what seemed like an eternity of politics and power grabbing amongst the guilds of Tamriel, Kvarkkin and Myyah reconciled their differences, never to meet again.

Kvarkkin at this time would discover a long lost son by the name of Gultam. The two got along well, but the reunion was short lived. During a botched ritual, Neerzlu's soul divided into two, creating along with it two separate beings. The evil half of Neerzlu's soul seized the opportunity before him and butchered Gultam on the spot, leaving Kvarkkin devastated, and leaving the Brotherhood once again without an heir. Neerzlu would eventually find a way make things right and make himself whole again.To Neerzlu's surprise, Kvarkkin didn't blame him for what happened.  

The joyous peace brought upon the guildscape by the Crimson Order began to fall apart. First, the ailing House Shadowsworn finally ceased to exist as Azeri joined the Summerset Dreamers in hopes of a better future. The Whiteclaw Clan was lured back into the new Tamrielic Assembly's fold and was subsequently vanquished through political backstabbing. Zitkala and her followers so too began to show weakness as their members began dropping like flies to a new threat from the south known as the Starsong Tribe. The Tribe was a nomadic group established by men and women of all creeds and colors who boasted that they were under the rule of no Gods or Kings, a sort of controlled anarchy that required regular raids to subsist. As the began to push towards Tamriel's western coast, the Summerset Dreamers vanish without a trace. The Brotherhood would assume they attempted escape, but assumptions in themselves are unreliable. Word would then reach Greyheart Keep that the Tribe was moving northward from the few survivors they left of the Knighs of Auridon. It was now Bloodmoon, alone, against a perverted facsimile of itself. Within mere days, Kvarkkin and the Bloodmoonic Court would emerge onto the balcony only to see an army that stretched unto the horizon preparing for battle at the gates. 





Greyheart- Chapter VII: "We Believe"

Kvarkkin met with closest advisers, General Draskk and the recently promoted left hand of the Ebon Nightmare, Neerzlu. Prospects looked grim. The Brotherhood was a secretive order, with great powers and knowledge, but few in numbers. The wars they fought were never on a scale such as this. No, the Starsong Tribe was quite a different animal. Nonetheless, the Brotherhood, in the spirit of Ursin, stayed remained unbroken. They would not give up without a fight. Archers and mages lined the battlements, the finest warriors including the entire Bloodmoonic court waited in the courtyard for when the enemy broke through the gates. The pure white of the Skyrim snow was about to be bathed in a coat of gory pink.

The men on the battlements took a number of lives, as is often the case with siege warfare. No man, however, is invulnerable to the carnage of a trebuchet.  Boulders were flung across the tundra, tearing apart the decrepit walls of Greyheart Keep like hounds playing tug-of-war with a cat. The surviving mages would descend from the walls in order to offer aid to the ground soldiers through enhancement and healing while the archers fought on defiantly in the face of death. The Brotherhood managed to cause a stalemate at the first gap in the wall, and had enough men to do the same in the second, but after that they began to become overwhelmed. The brothers and sisters of Bloodmoon found themselves fighting knee-deep in the blood the very people they considered family. It was not long before Kvarkkin called for his forces to retreat to the keep, but Drunard and the Covenant of Rogues refused. They were adamant they could stall the Starsong Tribe long enough for Kvarkkin and company to prepare for the next onslaught of attacks. 

Sacrifice of Drunard and his men would be made in vain as the remainder of the Brotherhood's morale became low and the men grew severely disorganized  Kvarkkin, Draskk, Neerzlu, and a few other survivors found themselves in Kvarkkin's quarters finishing off Neer's last reserves of cherry grog, broken and hopeless, waiting for their impending doom. Then, the doors burst open, and an Argonian sorceror, battered and bloodied, waltzed in. His name was Magazzo, and he too knew the end was nigh now that Starsong had breached the keep itself. As his last act of service of the Ebon Nightmare, Magazzo offered to transport those holed up in Kvarkkin's quarters to safety somewhere on the far side of Tamriel while he held the Tribe off with what strength remained. Neerlzu had grown close to Magazzo in recent months and pleaded him to reconsider, that there had to have been another way, but he was his heart was set. A portal tore open from thin air and Kvarkkin, Draskk, Neerzlu, and the others passed through as Magazzo bathed the room in fire. 

The remnants of the Brotherhood of Bloodmoon found themselves in a glade somewhere in Valenwood, far to the south. Their next move would have to wait, as the injured were in great need of care. Few sorcerers remained, and Neerzlu was forced to heal, although it was not his forte. Draskk isolated himself, too disturbed to talk. Arianwin, coincidentally, from the woods, having been away from the Keep in Valenwood during the siege. With him, he brought another skilled marksman, Onrah, whom was once a proud member of the Whiteclaw Clan before their collapse. All the while, Kvarkkin searched through what he took from his quarters, yes, he took all that was important to take. The Tome, all documents, and a strange metal box discovered only a week earlier. 

Brotherhood of Bloodmoon - Book II: The Golden Tempest

The Golden Tempest - Chapter VIII: "Genesis Dawn"

Weeks before the siege of Greyheart Keep, Bloodmoon archaeologists stumbled upon something strange in the deserts of  Elsweyr. It was a spiked, metal box with daedric runes engraved all across its surface. It was discovered in an old treasure cash of form the reign of the 4th Ebon Nightmare, Azalia Shadowborn, who left with it documents stating how to activate it. Unfortunately for the Brotherhood, that's all she wrote. Whoever sought to activate the box was supposed to cut themselves on the spikes, a blood letting sacrifice if you will. The archaeologists dubbed it the 'Necromyst Matrix' for the mysterious energy that seemed to radiate from it. Little did they know the dire consequences their discovery would have.

The mortally wounded remnants of the Brotherhood of Bloodmoon journeyed north, to Cyrodil, the heart of the Tamrielic Empire. There, Kvarkkin figured they could blend in with the hustle and bustle of the Imperial City. The Brotherhood would find refuge in an abandoned sweatshop that once produced woven cloth through slave labor. It was dingy and smelled of dead cats, but it was now home nonetheless. After a few minor renovations, the derelict building resembled something (at least on the inside) worthy of the Brotherhood of Bloodmoon. 

Attempting to acclimate themselves to the new world before them was an arduous task. All of the organizations they had come to know and form connections with disappeared off the face of Nirn. From their ashes sprouted hundreds of new guild looking to stake their claim on a shattered guildscape. Furthermore, the Brotherhood found itself struggling to acclimate to the metropolitan culture of the Imperial City. It was far different than anything they had stayed in for an extensive amount of time, and they found themselves butting heads with the Imperial citizenry. Tempers also suddenly seemed to be high among most of the Brotherhood, Kvarkkin included, but the worst was yet to come.


The Golden Tempest - Chapter IX: "Martial Law"

The biggest obstacle in the Brotherhood's path ended up being the Imperial Guard. In the wake of the Starsong Tribe's defeat, the Imperial City had been put under martial law in case any resurgent Tribe forces decided to strike at the belly of the beast. The Brotherhood was always notorious for their lack of respect for authority outside their own. The guiding principle of the Eagle Spirit Soor'avel is the principle of "Unbound", and therefore, the Brotherhood submitted themselves to no one. This rebelliousness didn't sit well with Aerather, the Captain of the guard, who went out of his way to make life miserable for the Brotherhood. Sporting guild colors became an excuse to be harassed by the guards. Kvarkkin found himself disgusted by Aerather's abuse of power. The guard would murder citizens and sweep the evidence under the rug, they'd rape the women simply because they could, and had public lynchings in order to keep everyone in line. Kvarkkin and the Brotherhood of Bloodmoon would have none of it, and so, they declared war on the Imperial Guard.

  The next day, Kvarkkin found himself drawn to the Necromyst Matrix, and sought to investigate it further. Upon his arrival, however, he discovered he wasn't alone. General Draskk, Kohr, an Altmer named Seuche were there as well. It seemed they all were there for the same reason, and none of them wished to share the matrix. So, the four began fighting among themselves. Blood was spilled during the fight, and ended up slathered onto the Matrix itself.  The cranking of gears was heard  and the top flew open, releasing an ominous green mist. The four felt woozy and lost consciousness, waking the next day to find themselves feeling somehow different. 

  While meeting with General Draskk one night in the "sweatshop", Kvarkkin began to feel uneasy. Little did they know, Aerather had hired the Dark Brotherhood to assassinate Kvarkkin. When the murderers made their move to fulfill the contract, Draskk stepped in and held the men off so Kvarkkin could escape. Now that Aerather was taking the fight to Bloodmoon, Kvarkkin decided to respond with blood. He and a few other brothers of Bloodmoon, including  Kohr, sought out members of the guard late at night, and butchered them in the streets. It was out of character for the Brotherhood to act in this way, but oddly enough, they couldn't stop themselves, nor did they want to. The group felt an almost euphoric sense of blood lust and power, and they loved it. 

The Brotherhood decided to give diplomacy a try before taking the carnage to the next level. A messenger was sent to Guard Captain Aerather, only to be rejected and subsequently forced the Brotherhood out of the Imperial City. Nonetheless, most of the Brotherhood seemed to be happy with the brutal changes brought to the Brotherhood. That was, all except for an Altmeri Templar by the name of Kalead Brightblade.


The Golden Tempest - Chapter X: "The Roses Will Bloom"

The Brotherhood searched for a new home outside the Imperial City. The search began fruitless, but Kohr turned up an interesting discovery. There was a mysterious site of Ayleid ruins that were mostly intact. Kohr believed the ruins held some sort of power, a fact that was tantalizing to a Brotherhood under the influence of the Necromyst Matrix. An expeditionary party of Kvarkkin, Kohr, and Onrah ventured out to the site to see what potential it held for a new base of operations.

Inside the ruins (which Kohr dubbed the "Wraith Bearings"), in the main chamber, light beamed down from a crystal wedged in the ceiling. Kohr was first the investigate the light, but when he walked into it, the light did nothing. Onrah was next to walk into the light, only he was met by a searing pain. The Bosmer writhed in agony on the stone floor, before rising from the ground with an eerie calmness about him. Kvarkkin was last to enter the light, he too was met by a terrible pain, except he was turned briefly into a troll. Kohr grinned wickedly, seeing his suspicions confirmed and his companions immobilized. He then waltzed to a large stone door on the far side of the chamber and place his hand onto it. The door emanated a white glow and the door crumbled into  wall of torchbugs, and flew away. Behind where the door once was stood an altar, and atop it, a marble idol of Sheogorath. The forces of madness were a great power indeed, especially to someone as mad as Kohr.  He removed the idol from its resting place, and felt the energy rush through him. Absorbing the boon of the Prince of Madness, Kohr turned himself into a demi-god. He then turned the power of the idol on his brothers. First, he turned it on Onrah, burning him with unnatural light. Yet, Onrah fought on and invoked the eight divines repeatedly in his fight, which was out of character for the Bosmeri marksman.  Kvarkkin was next to feel Kohr's wrath, the divine insanity was potent enough that it cleansed Kvarkkin of his undeath. Rendering him powerless. Kvarkkin and Onrah then made their attempt at escape and managed to come away with their lives, one unfortunately so. 

Kvarkkin, although weak in his living state, knew he had to stop Kohr before the situation got out of hand. Yet, he had to somehow regain the powers of a Pale Rider in order to do that. There was only one answer, the Necromyst Matrix. If its energies were used in just the right way, perhaps Kvarkkin could channel the daedric energies of Coldharbour and regain his abilities for a short time. Everything has a price, however. The Matrix would take a serious toll on his body if he did so. Kvarkkin would then track down Kohr and engage him in combat, using the matrix to regain his abilities. He started off strong, nearly overpowering Kohr as the evils of Coldharbour surged through his body. Yet, this effect only lasted for so long. After fifteen minutes of fighting, the intense amount of daedric magic took its toll on Kvarkkin, killing him midfight.  With Kvarkkin dead, Kohr now saw that he theoretically stood unopposed if he were to seize the Ebon Nightmareship, after all Onrah was now a religious fanatic, Draskk was rarely seen, and Neerzlu drank far too much cherry grog. After slaying Draskk in one on one combat, Kohr clinched his place as the head of the Bloodmoonic Court, a reign unchallenge. Or so he thought.

One of the Brotherhood's own, an altmeri Templar named Valorandis, came across Kvarkkin's body disposed of in the Imperial Countryside. He tried with all his might to resurrect the fallen leader on his own, but the magic of the eight divines was useless to bring back a man so tainted by daedra. Against his better judgement, he sought a cult who followed Molag Bal, and tricked them into using the magics of Oblivion to revive the Ebon Nightmare, alleging that it should be an honor to restore a Pale Rider. After hours of disturbing rituals, Kvarkkin arose, the power of a Pale Rider once more flowed through his veins. Valorandis then used his restoration magic to heal the wounds that still ailed Kvarkkin's fleshed. Kvarkkin would scream in pain as not only was this painful to something as unholy as he, but the Necromyst's corruption was slowly being torn away from him. By the end of it, he had regained his sense, but not yet his strength. Valorandis would advise Kvarkkin to rest before engaging Kohr, and rest he would.

Three weeks later, Kvarkkin comes upon Kohr in Cyrodil's region of Colovia. There, the two fought for hours and hours on end in a maddening deadlock. They were eventually interrupted by Seuche, who came in hopes of preventing anymore death. Her words were wise, stating Kvarkkin's birthright to the Bloodmoonic throne as well as Kohr's potential for leadership. In light of this, Kohr admitted defeated and ceded the Ebon Nightmareship back the Kvarkkin, who, in turn, promised Kohr the next available high officer's position were it to open up. Little did he know, it already had. While Kvarkkin fought with Kohr, a small contingency of uncorrupted brothers and sisters, led by Kalead, Onrah, and Neerzlu, left the perceived "evil" of the Brotherhood to start a holy order of their own design. These vanguards of the eight divines, with Kalead and House Brightblade at its head, would be called "The Order of the Rose". The Order's members had a strong dislike for the Brotherhood of Bloodmoon, although Valorandis worked arduously to free its members of corruption. This dislike developed into hatred, then into mutual hatred. Kvarkkin would then cut a deal with Guard Captain Aerather in order to be readmitted into the Imperial City. He didn't trust the Imperial Guard, but he trusted Kalead and his Order of the Rose even less.  The Brotherhood committed itself to make things right as its rebuilding process truly got underway,  free of corruption. With Kvarrkin as Ebon Nightmare, Seuche as Undying Horror, and Kohr as Wicked One, they felt little could stand in their way. A right and a left hand to build to revitalize a guild amidst an everchanging world.


The Golden Tempest- Chapter XI: "Bury Me Among The Thorns"

      While tensions were naturally high between the Brotherhood of Bloodmoon and the Order of the Rose, neither made initial moves against one another. The Order of the Rose wished to retain its independence, and the Brotherhood didn't consider a Civil War in its best interest. After all, the Brotherhood was about commitment and those who left turned their back on it. Yet, the tension neared boiling point nonetheless. 

The Brotherhood struggled, yet again, to repair its image in light of the Necromyst Matrix corruption (such risks came with the work). Therefore, citizens of the Imperial City had every right to be afraid. Eventually, members of the Order of the Rose, wrapped up in zealotry would take this fear to the extreme. Around this time, the Brotherhood recruited a young, Altmeri Templar by the name of Si'lorn, a former kinsmen of the defunct House Shadowsworn.  Si'lorn was confronted in one of the Inns by a group of Order of the Rose members looking for a fight. The young Altmer was still by all means a novice and knew he couldn't fight off that many men. Therefore, he ran. He ran and he ran until he made it to the district barracks of the Imperial Guard. Unfortunately for Si'lorn, the Imperial Guard was in the pocket of the Order of the Rose. The members cornered him and Si'lorn was beaten with relentless fury, his shrieks echoing through the streets. He was later found, bloodied and bruised, almost unrecognizable with life fading from his eyes. A second later, and Si'lorn might have died. This incident became the spark that ignited war fever in the hearts of the two rival guilds, and so, began the Bloodmoonic Civil War. 

For the most part, the war began mostly with mud slinging back and forth between the power structures of the Brotherhood and the Order. The Brotherhood coining the term "Rosebud" in order to mock the Order's namesake. While the Order frequently heaped on criticisms about instability and perceived evil. The most heated of these exchanges often were between Kvarkkin and Kalead's right hand, Onrah. Eventually, the war of words would descend into physical combat, oftentimes in the form of espionage and small skirmishes. The Order of the Rose oftentimes traveled in large numbers in hopes of slaying Brotherhood members whom they came across as they knew Bloodmoon granted their members great autonomy and therefore were often found alone. One such case involved Kvarkkin himself who was surrounded outside an Inn by a group led by Kalead himself, he barely escaped with his life. The constant back and forth began to become tiring on both sides. In hopes of bringing a quick end to the war, the Brotherhood began Operation: Black Rose in order to brainstorm solutions. It was faint, but it was hope nonetheless that the taking of lives could soon cease. 

After a time, the Order of the Rose decided it was in their best interested to split into two subfactions in hopes of better managing the guild and the war effort against the Brotherhood. This was merely one of many in a list of bad decisions made by the Order in a short span of time. This concerned the former brother of Bloodmoon, Neerzlu, whom was currently serving as Kalead's left hand. He would contact Kvarkkin, and the two would meet in a nondescript location near the city of Skingrad. There, apologies were exchanged, memories were recalled, and drinks were drunk. The candle of the old days began to flicker once again. Kvarkkin asked Neerzlu to leave the Order, to return to the Brotherhood where they both knew he belonged.  Neerzlu would reveal that he had grown to dislike his many of the members of the Order's power structure, Onrah in particular. Therefore, he offered to aid Kvarkkin in forcing an end to the war by retaining his guise as a member of the Order of the Rose. Together, they forged one of the most insane ideas in Bloodmoonic history: Kidnap Kalead's wife, Zatira.

Neerzlu decieved Zatira into coming with him to investigate a nonexistent site of Dwemer ruins in northwestern Morrowind. There, she was led into cavern, Neerzlu claiming the entrance was somewhere inside. Within a few short minutes, they found themselves in a small chamber the seemed to be the end of the cavern. Zatira would turn around to find that Neerzlu had disappeared, then, when she tried to follow, she was flung back. A strange forcefield now blocked the entrance to the chamber. Kvarkkin made sure that Zatira was treated with the utmost respect. She was given three home cooked meals a day, books to read (many about the Brotherhood), gifts, and also received friendly visits from her jailors (who were the only ones able to pass through the barrier). On the final day of the imprisonment, Kvarkkin and Neerzlu said their farewells to Zatira after the three engaged in riveting conversation. Before Zatira was released back to Kalead, however, Kvarkkin gave her an amulet with a ruby carved into the Fiend's Mark, the Brotherhood's infamous insignia, so that she would forever remember who was the lesser of two evils. Kalead was then contacted as to the whereabouts of Zatira, Kvarkkin and Neerzlu were miles away in Skyrim by the time he arrived.

In the aftermath of the kidnapping, Kvarkkin and Kalead signed a peace treaty to end the Bloodmooic Civil War. Within a month of that agreement, the Order of the Rose disbanded and its remnants were absorbed into House Brightblade who took their place, but on a diminished level. Relations between the Brotherhood and former Order members became nothing but friendly in light of the exceptional treatment of Zatira, many former members would even take up the Bloodmoon tabard themselves.



The Golden Tempest- Chapter XII: "Damnation"

(***The Tale of Hellfire***)

The Golden Tempest- Chapter XIII: "Of Nightmares"

(The War with Nightmare Aegis, The Tear fiasco, The Abyssal Project, The Necromyst Matrix, and the Goodbye before Cata)

The Golden Tempest- Chapter XIV:  "The Green Man"

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The Golden Tempest - Chapter XV: "Beneath The Mountain"

 (Taking of Shadowstorm Hold)

The Golden Tempest - Chapter XVI: "Humble Beginnings"

(Rebuilding of Clan Shadowborn)

The Golden Tempest - Chapter XVII: "Order of the Black Sand"

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The Golden Tempest - Chapter XVIII: "The Edge of Martyrdom" 

 (End of the Old Brotherhood)

Brotherhood of Bloodmoon - Book III: My Brother's Keeper

Brotherhood of Bloodmoon - Book IV: Will The Circle Be Unbroken

Will The Circle Be Unbroken - Chapter XXIII: Chaos Reigns

         The Reman Dynasty has come to an end, the dragonfires remain unlit, and the races of Tamriel become divided into three factions warring over control of the land. All the while, Molag Bal, the Daedric Prince of Domination, makes his play to meld together Nirn and Coldharbour to form an unprecedented realm of eternal suffering. Absolute chaos has once again broken out on the continent of Tamriel. Now, after having restored the Bloodmoon Tome under as the Greysworn Pact, Kvarkkin, Neerzlu, and Vyrin look to rebuild the Brotherhood once again against the canvas of war. 


Daedric Curses and Princes

    The brothers and sister of Bloodmoon are afflicted by a wide variety of daedric curses due to their frequent meddling in daedric affairs (including lychanthropy and vampirism, although the Brotherhood prefers to brush this fact under the rug). Some Princes afflict the Brotherhood more than others, it's all dependent upon the relationship that Bloodmoon has with said Princes.

Azura [Unfriendly]: The Brotherhood has made deals with Azura in the past, although relations have never been good. As a result of one of those ill-fated deals, Azura Shadowborn (named after the daedra herself), heir to the Ebon Nightmareship, is imprisoned in Azura's realm of Moonshadow. Her soul is the property of the daedric prince.

Boethiah [Unfriendly] Despite Boethiah's connections to the Dunmer, the Daedric prince rules over the realms of lies of deceit, leaving her untrustworthy. Therefore, the Brotherhood keeps a watchful eye.

Clavicus Vile [Neutral] Clavicus may have a liking for souls, but the inclusion of his companion Barbas tends to, at times, keep the daedric prince in check. Therefore, the Brotherhood is not beyond seeking favors from him.

Hermaeus Mora [Hostile] Arugatheron Bloodmoon stole the information used to craft the Bloodmoon Tome from Hermaeus Mora's realm of Apocrypha, and, ever since, Hermaeus Mora has tried to get his tentacled cluched 

Hircine [Hostile] Hircine is the arch enemy of Lun'ai the Great Wolf Spirit of the Bloodmoonic Pantheon. The Brotherhood of Bloodmoon combats Hircine by destroying his werebeast agents when possible. To the Brotherhood, it is better those who are cursed suffer for eternity in Oblivion than take lived on Nirn.

Jyggalag [Neutral] Not much is known about Jyggalag beyond his name. He is allegedly the daedric prince of Order. As seems to be the opposite of Sheogorath, the Brotherhood theorizes that the two keep each other in check.

Malacath [Friendly] Although there exists a difference in beliefs between the Brotherhood and Malacath, the two find common ground in Malacath's domain of that of the spurned and ostracized. The Brotherhood itself is a guild of outcasts of sorts, and they too strive for strength (although the two differ in their methods), hence there is a mutual respect.

Mehrunes Dagon [Hostile] Mehrunes Dagon is the arch nemisis of Ursin the Great Bear Spirit of the Bloodmoonic Pantheon. His domain is destruction, which is a force which can easily skew the balance between good and evil.

Mephala [Unfriendly] Mephala's domain of that of murder, sex, and lies. The most concerning of these is murder. The Morag Tong were formed in her name, and the Dark Brotherhood descending from the Morag Tong. While Bloodmoon acknowledges that these organizations provide a necessary service at times, they by no means condone it. The Brotherhood doesn't keep an eye on Mephala as much so as to keep relations good with her ally, Malacath.

Meridia [Hostile] To the Brotherhood, Meridia is the essence of zealotry and is a threat to the world. Hence, Bloodmoon watches her closely.

Molag Bal [Hostile] The Daedric Prince of Domination who is currently besieging Nirn. He created vampirism, which the Brotherhood has a particular hatred for (like they do Lyncanthropy). Molag Bal is also the arch nemisis of Soor'avel, the Great Eagle Spirit of the Bloodmoonic Pantheon.

Namira [Hostile] Namira embodies extreme darkness in the same way Meridia embodies extreme light. Therefore, the Brotherhood watches her closely, making sure she doesn't cause anything which can skew the balance.

Nocturnal [Friendly] Because of the secretive nature of the Brotherhood, they are friendly toward Nocturnal and Nocuturnal toward them. This relationship often seems to be the most beneficial as the Brotherhood is given free right to roam Nocturnal's realm of Evergloam, specifically the Crow's Wood. It is oftentimes though that Zorva, the Great Fox Spirit of the Bloodmoonic pantheon has connections to Nocturnal. Some fringe scholars even theorize that Zorva is a manifestation of Nocturnal.

Peryite [Neutral] Peryite is the weakest of the daedric princes and the Brotherhood and he are rarely at odds with each other. Peryite would do nothing, for example, when the Brotherhood chased Witren into Peryite's realm known as "The Pits".

Sanguine [Friendly] There are a lot of drunks in the Brotherhood...

Sheogorath [Neutral] The Mad God himself. The Brotherhood keeps a closer eye normally on Sheogorath as he is often unpredictable. Although, it is theorized among the Brotherhood that Sheogorath and Jyggalag keep each other in check via the whole Order v. Chaos relationship. A natural balance.

Vaermina [Hostile] Vaermina is the arch nemesis of Zorva the Great Fox Spirit of the Bloodmoonic Pantheon as she is the Daedric Prince of ill omen and nightmares. 


    The Brotherhood of Bloodmoon communicates through a system of enchanted "Fiend's Marks" called Bloodmoonic Insignias. These symbols can be put onto an item a member wishes so that it can be unique and personal to them. Be wary of where you apply your insignia, however, a lost weapon could lead to a lost life.


         The Brotherhood of Bloodmoon officially inducts its members through an ancient blood ritual.  During the later days of the Old Brotherhood, this ritual lost favor in volatile landscape of guild politics at the time, a unintentional choice that added to the Brotherhood's losing sight of itself. Now a days, the ritual has been brought back in order to ensure honor, trust, in loyalty in the post Arugatheron Bloodmoon era of the New Brotherhood. It is, however, only one of many rituals of initiation.

    The Vanishing:

   The Vanishing is the ritual where one commits themselves fully to the Brotherhood of Bloodmoon and is the primary ritual of initiation. It is called the vanishing as the past lives of the initiates are supposed to "vanish" as they embrace their new life in the Brotherhood. The Vanishing is also believed to act as a cleansing ritual that frees the initiates of all past sins, regrets, and the like. During the Vanishing, Initiates will slice their right hand with a ritual dagger, allowing their combined blood to fill a silver chalice. After doing so, they'll wipe the blood from their hand across their face and recite "The Greypath" to the Ebon Nightmare. The Ebon Nightmare will then chant in daedric the words "By your hearts, you are bound in blood" and the blood will begin to glow a furious red. The initiates will then each take a sip from the chalice and will be officially considered Brothers of Bloodmoon.


Nomadic Life

    After the destruction of the majority of Shadowstorm Keep by Lelth Hellcaller, the Brotherhood of Bloodmoon looked to find a way to prevent such a catastrophe from occurring again. The solution became apparent in the Nomadic life. The Brotherhood no longer keeps an actual headquarters, rather, all members are encouraged to live a life along the road, always travelling, but keeping in constant contact via the Insignia system. The Bloodmoonic Archives now remain as the only structure in Brotherhood posession.


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Shadowstorm Keep

       Shadowstorm Keep was the former headquarters of the Brotherhood of Bloodmoon beneath in the mountains bordering Skyrim and Morrowind. It was built by a former Ebon Nightmare, but was lost for hundreds of years before being rediscovered shortly before the fall of the Old Brotherhood. It would be destroyed by Lelth and Luh'zen (Arugatheron Bloodmoon) setting in course the events that would leave the Brotherhood of Bloodmoon in shambles. It remains in ruins to this day.

The Bloodmoonic Archives

      The entrance to the Bloodmoonic Archives are located in the ruins of an unnamed dwemer city deep beneath the mountains bordering Skyrim and Morrowind. The city itself is occasional used for the storage of nonessential items, but the Archives themselves require another step to access. Within a hidden chamber within the city lies a portal to Oblivion. In truth, the archives aren't a building by any means, they're their own miniature, hidden plane of Oblivion. Because of this fact, the location of the archives was never made specific as the only way to access them was knowledge that only the Brotherhood of Bloodmoon could knew. The Archives themselves contain all the relics, artifacts, and knowledge which the Brotherhood of Bloodmoon guards from the hands of the mortal races of Tamriel. Infamous items such as the Necromyst Matrix call this place home.

The Fiend's Mark

      The "Fiend's Mark" is the name of the Brotherhood's logo, which was once the personal sigil of Arugatheron Bloodmoon. The Brotherhood adopted the symbol as it graced the cover of the Bloodmoon Tome itself. In fact, a lot of Brotherhood symbols used the Tome as inspiration, such as the guild colors.


The Calligraphic 

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The Clan Shadowborn

    The Clan Shadowborn traces its origins back to Atmora where it claims ancestry to Njorsinvar Shadowborn, the 1st Ebon Nightmare of the Brotherhood of Bloodmoon. As Proto-Nordic peoples began migrating to Tamriel, Clan Shadowborn followed suit. They settled in the mountainous area encompassing the Skyrim/Morrowind border.There they built the Shadowborn Estate and founded the surrounding village of Palewind. The Shadowborns were never a well known Nordic clan, nor were they members of Nordic nobility. They were rarely seen outside their own lands, a degree of isolation that allowed for the development of unique religious beliefs derived from the old ways of the Nords, Dunmeri ancestral veneration, and the ways of the Brotherhood. They also tended to distrust outsiders as well, many of whom were killed on sight (at the request of Brotherhood to preserve secrecy). The kindred of Clan Shadowborn were only permitted to leave Palewind once every ten years in order to strictly limit outside influence. Furthermore, the harshness of mountain life compelled the clan to develop an emphasis of strength, fortitude, and survivalist instincts. Those born into Clan Shadowborn would undergo a four separate rights of passage in order to be accepted fully into the family. The first one would occur at the age of 6 called "The Trial of Ursin". The child would be presented to a bear, and what happens from there determines the destiny of the child. If the child kills the bear, then the way in which he/she killed it determines which warrior path he would be trained in. If the bear submits to the child, then he is truly unbroken at heart and can choose the path of a holy man or a holy warrior. If the child were killed during the trial, he would be left to rot without ritual burial and disowned, for he was Shadowborn in name only. The second trial, "The Trial of Zorva" sent the child, now age 12,into the rugged mountain wilderness to survive on their own for eight months. The third trial, "The Trial of Soor'avel"  require the child, "Now 15" to climb the nearest mountain and collect both the feather and egg of the eagle. The fourth and final trial, "The Trial of Lun'ai" was the most brutal. The child, now age 18, fought to the death in a tournament against their counterparts. One tournament for men, one for women, with a champion from each. On average, only 2 out of every 20 Shadowborn children made it through the process (Others choosing death or to bound by blood to the Brotherhood), hence why numbers were always so few, but only the strongest survived in the mountains. After the tournament, the two would officially be recognized as full fledged Shadowborn with a festival in their honor. In short, Clan Shadowborn placed a great deal of emphasis on the principles of Unbound, Unbroken, Unknown, and Unyielding, all which governed their daily lives, actions, and traditions. This made the few who knew of their existence fearful of crossing paths. Despite their brutal traditions, Clan Shadowborn was very accepting. It's fusion of cultures made it so that both Nordic and Dunmeri blood could be found in the Clan.   The Shadowborn Estate, however, was not  the heart of a Nordic clan, rather it was the first headquarters of the Brotherhood of Bloodmoon in Tamriel as the Clan itself was crucial to the Ebon Nightmareship. Clan Shadowborn did indeed have its enemies.The Dunmer of House Lorveril and the Nords of Clan Grimwinter often conspired against Clan Shadowborn, the two often conspired against Clan Shadowborn (and eachother) leading to much conflict. Following the destruction of Palewind and the Estate at the hands of  of feral vampires, the Shadowborn Clan found itself scattered all across Tamriel, homeless and lost in an unfamiliar world. The Brotherhood of Bloodmoon would later conclude that the horde of feral vampires were bred and collected by a combined effort of both Clan Grimwinter and House Lorevil in hopes of destroying Clan Shadowborn and seizing their lands. The two rivals, however, did not expect to come into contact with the enigmatic Brotherhood of Bloodmoon upon their arrival, who easily repelled the takeover. Yet, it was in the aftermath of Arugatheron's final attack that fate truly took a turn for the worst. During the fall of the Old Brotherhood, Arugatheron Bloodmoon manipulated the Ebon Nightmare curse in order to cause the slow, painful deaths of the Ebon Nightmare and all others who had the curse in their veins, in essence, all pureblooded Shadowborns descended from Njorsinvar. In the end, each and every Shadowborn known to the Brotherhood would perish by the manipulated curse, except for one. Kvarkkin is the only surviving Shadowborn Nord of pureblood with lineage stretching back to Njorsinvar Shadowborn himself,  as his soul had not yet been cast into the bowels of Oblivion when Arugatheron Bloodmoon was defeated. Currently, Clan Shadowborn consists only of Kvarkkin and his adopted Dunmeri daughter Emeri, however, their have been whispers on the wind of others who may yet live...

 Localized bastard surnames:

*Localizations more specific for Skyrim and Morrowind due to culture*

- Skyrim- 

  Eastmarch = Wyrmblood

  The Rift= Shadesinger

  The Reach= Wildheart

  The Pale= Blackwinter

  Winterhold= Ghostthorn

  Falkreath= Mistbreaker

  Haafinger= Tall-Mountain

  Hjaalmarch= Duskwind

  Whiterun= Grainrunner

- Morrowind- 

  Vvardenfell= Mourncloak

  Vvardenfell (Ashlander) = Ashenhand

  Mainland Morrowind= Blood-Eye

*After the Clan was scattered and bastards appeared elsewhere in Tamriel, new names were created to represent those born in other regions* 






  High Rock=

  Summerset Isle=




 Known members of Clan Shadowborn:

Njorsinvar Shadowborn (Age ??)[Proto-Nord]{1st Ebon Nightmare of the Brotherhood of Bloodmoon} - Deceased

 Tolmyr Voraldson Shadowborn (Age 63)[Nord]{17th Ebon Nightmare of the Brotherhood of Bloodmoon}- Deceased  

 Valkia Longtooth Shadowborn (Age 73)[Nord]{Married In} - Deceased

 Janyr Dyringheim Shadowborn (Age 42) [Nord] - Deceased

 Serga Farhand Shadowborn (Age 40)[Nord]{Married In} - Deceased

Kvarkkin Njorsinvar Shadowborn ( Age 35)[Nord] {18th Ebon Nightmare of the Brotherhood of Bloodmoon} - Undead

Eleritha Wingblade Shadowborn (Age 33)[Nord] - Deceased 

Saphyra Fireheart Shadowborn (Age 23)[Nord]{Married In} - Deceased 

Tylira Sunsurge Shadowborn (Age 34)[Altmer]{Married In} - Deceased 

Paola Whiterhyme Shadowborn (Age 30)[Nord] - Deceased 

Gultam Wulfryk Shadowborn (Age 19)[Nord] - Deceased

 Kjarikis Thunderstone Shadowborn (Age 18)[Nord] - Deceased

 Azura Fireheart Shadowborn  (Age 16)[Nord] - Deceased - Trapped in Oblivion (Moonshadow)

 Siri Luna Shadowborn (Age 15) [Altmer] {Adopted} - Deceased

 Edward Eldrich Shadowborn (Age 16) [Breton] {Adopted} - Deceased

 Kiaris Heart Shadowborn (Age 18) [Bosmer] {Adopted} - Deceased

Emeri Shadowborn (Age 24) [Dunmer] {Adopted} - Undead

 Draskk Greyfang Shadowborn (Age 2)[Half Nord/ Half Altmer] - Deceased 

 Tolgirk Heinkvild Shadowborn  (Age 42)[Nord] {Married In}- Deceased

 Seraya Spirits-Bane Shadowborn (Age 26)[Nord] - Deceased

 Tait Tolgrik Shadowborn (Age 30)[Nord] - Alive

 Ingrid Seraya Shadowborn (Age 22)[Nord] - Alive

Krom Ville Wyrmblood (Age 30)[Nord]{Bastard} - Alive 

Teravin Shadowborn (Age 40) [Nord/Dunmer hybrid] - Deceased

 Seidlin Shadowborn (Age 28)[Dunmer]{Married In} - Alive

The Ebon Nightmare

      The Ebon Nightmare is the leader of the Brotherhood of Bloodmoon, chosen by birthright, in the Shadowborn bloodline. The name comes from Ebon Nightmare curse that afflicts the Shadowborn bloodline. The curse is harmless except to the Ebon Nightmare himself. The oldest surviving heir of the previous Ebon Nightmare takes control of the Ebon Nightmareship through a harrowing process known as "Ascension". During the "Ascension" the Ebon Nightmare curse  morphs into its full form.  "Ascension" itself causes a massive storm of daedric energies which is very painful for the one ascending. The effects of "Ascension" include:

- The knowledge of previous Nightmares being forced into the mind as well as immediate knowledge of what is inside the Tome.

- The maddening whispers of the tome. Both of the tome itself and of those whom the tome has slain. 

- The tome being bound to the soul, it is like an extension of the self.

- Eyes are transformed into red energy due to the influx of daedric magics inside the Ebon Nightmare. Because of this the Ebon Nightmare is considered the be an abomination of great evil from a magical perspective, although the purpose of the Nightmare is not in line with that. 

-Sensitivity to Daedra and their magics

- Blood turns to hot tar.

- Cannot die by natural means, must be killed physically killed by mortal hands not his own (Arugatheron's manipulation of the Ebon Nightmare curse was/is the only known exception to this rule)

- Immunity to the Tome's guardian curses. 

- The Ebon Nightmare can feel the mental and emotional pain caused by the Tome if it is used.

 - The Ebon Nightmare feels the pain of Njorsinvar Shadowborn, the one who caused the curse to be set upon the bloodline in the first place. 

- The souls of the Ebon Nightmare and his heir are connected and therefore can hear eachother's thoughts as well as the whispers of the Tome. 

The Ebon Nightmare will rarely if ever use the Bloodmoon Tome. If he does, he is punished by the Tome itself as the usage of the book is very taxing on the Ebon Nightmare's mind, body, and soul.  If the Bloodmoon Tome is lost, the Ebon Nightmare will have no choice but to risk everything to recover it. In the event that the bloodline is destroyed, the Tome itself will choose the new bloodline of the Ebon Nightmareship out of the world's population, and the position would go to someone who doesn't want it. In the event that the Brotherhood is destroyed, an Ebon Nightmare will still be selected to be a lone guardian of the Tome. In the end, the Ebon Nightmare is a cursed burden of the mind, body, and soul from which those who hold the position suffer. It is also a burden they will carry until death.


The Ceaseless

Coming soon! *Unbroken*


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The Covenant of Rogues

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Paladins of the Black

       The Paladins of the Black are the embodiment of Unyielding and are represented by Lun'ai the great wolf spirit. The Paladins act two fold as both a sort of "special forces" of the Brotherhood as well as the personal guard of the Ebon Nightmare. Because of the second of those, the Paladins have a connection to the Nightmare. During their initiation (similar to the original Brotherhood initiation right) called the "Black Blood Ritual" they are inflicted with a minor form of the Ebon Nightmare curse, connecting their souls to the Ebon Nightmare himself and turning their eyes red like his. The Paladins are expected to loyally serve the Ebon Nightmare personally (and only the Ebon Nightmare) and do so with the utmost honor and persistence. Failure to do so results in ritual suicide.

Pale Riders

      Pale Riders are the freshly risen, undead  slave champions of Molag Bal known for their brutality and unspeakable sadism. Pale Riders  are masters of both melee combat and the blackest of magics and their will is controlled entirely by Molag Bal himself; who sends them into Nirn to steal the souls of mortals in order to add victims to the plane of Coldharbour. Pale Riders are rarely freed of their servitude to the Prince of Domination, however, there have been a few notable exceptions. 

The Greypath

Codex Argentatis et Neutralitatis:

( The Code of Silvered Neutrality)

I: There is peace, yet peace is a lie.

II: To embrace passion, opens the soul.

III: For through strength, I show compassion.

IV: In our minds lies knowledge, through which I gain wisdom.

V: In wisdom, I find serenity.

VI: In serenity, I find clarity.

VII: Truth is pure, power is corrupt.

VIII: Through corruption, lies chaos.

IX: Through purity, lies harmony.

X: Through balance, lies mortality.

XI: There is no light, there is zealotry.

XII: There is no dark, there is belligerence.

XIII: Through mortality, I gain bravery.

XIV: Through bravery, I transcend eternity.

XV For I walk the greypath.

( Developed from a marriage between the Old Ways of the Nords, Dunmeri Ancestor Veneration, and views of the very spirit of all creation, The Greypath has long been been the vanguard of Clan Shadowborn's Ideals.The Greypath, followers, knowns as Greysworn, venerate and honor their ancestors as well as live their lives as this text dictates.)

The Guiding Principles, of which there are four. Unbound, Unbroken, Unknown and Unyielding. Each of the principles have their own domains, mind, body, soul, and silver trio. The silver trio, however, is three of the four domains that are guided by a second principle.

Mind - Guiding Principle: Unbound

*Your mind must be unbound by wills and desires outside of the cause of commitment.

*Your mind must be unbound by the foolishness of factional allegience and troublesome parliamentary politics.

*Your mind must not be restricted by anything or anyone, always open and ever watchful, yet, at the same time with enough willpower to resist the temptation to stray from the Greypath.

*One must have the mental fortitude to resist manipulation and corruption to lead one to embrace light or dark. One must mentally steadfast and vigilant in maintaining their composure and independent thoughts. One must remain along the Greypath.

*One must have the mental capability common sense and ethics to make critical decisions rather then moral standards and devious hidden motives. You cannot make said decisions based on good or bad, light or dark, does this benefit me? Is it right and just? Do I gain power? None of that. Critical decisions are a matter of balance and bravery. You must do your best to make the decision that will be best for things as a whole and do it with strong determination.

Body- Guiding Principle: Unbroken

*One cannot break under any circumstance by any outside forces that would try and steer them from the Greypath. Remember, pain is only a state of mind. It will only affect you if you let it.

*One must maintain a standard of living that allows them to retain independence and sole responsibility for their survival and their actions.

*One must work towards and know how to defend ones self with ease and make clear and decise decisions via an unbound mind.

*One must not let physical temptations and lovelusts steer them away from the Greypath.

*One must not allow themselves to die dishonorably, if there be a way, fight back and take your attacker with you to the grave.

*Never tremble in fear, bow before no one, kneel before no one, prostrate yourself before no one. Stand tall and strong and ever confident.

*Wear your imperfections with pride. A scar, a tattoo, a burn. Each has a story behind it that fills one with great honor.

Soul- Guiding Principle: Unyielding

*Remain ever determined, never give up.

*Accomplish your goals and make them happen or die trying.

*Be the last man if it comes down to the last man.

*Keep pushing forward and never fall.

*Never allow yourself to be held captive, for to allow such is a great dishonor. Only blood can attone for such a blatant act of cowardice, you shall paint yourself red in order to be grey again.

*Go down in burning flames of glory if need be.

*Never allow yourself to be swayed when certain in your correctness. Such failures to uphold the truth make for great instability and a loss of balance.

*Allow your soul to mix into the grey, do not restrain good or evil but let them mix together in order to form your own mortal soul.

*Do not hesitate to do good or even commit a necessary evil.

The Silver Trio (Mind, Body, and Soul) - Guiding Principle: Unknown

*Who we are, what we do. All must remain a secret.

*Nothing of our existence is meant to be known by outsiders.

*Never leave a trace.


I:             There is peace, yet peace is a lie.


II:           To embrace passion, opens the soul.


III:          For through strength, I show mercy.


IV:          In our minds lies knowledge, through which I gain wisdom.


V:           In wisdom, I find serenity.


VI:          In serenity, I find clarity.


VII:         Truth is pure, power is corrupt.


VIII:        Through corruption, lies chaos.


IX:          Through purity, lies harmony.


X:            Through balance, lies mortality.


XI:          There is no light, there is zealotry.


XII:         There is no dark, there is belligerence.


XIII:        Through mortality, I gain bravery.


XIV:        Through bravery, I transcend eternity.


XV:          For I walk the greypath.


( Developed from a marriage between the Old Ways of the Nords, Dunmeri Ancestor Veneration, and views of the very spirit of all creation, The Greypath has long been been the vanguard of Clan Shadowborn's Ideals.The Greypath, followers, knowns as Greysworn, venerate and honor their ancestors as well as live their lives as this text dictates.)


The Guiding Principles, of which there are four. Unbound, Unbroken, Unknown and Unyielding. Each of the principles have their own domains, mind, body, soul, and silver trio. The silver trio, however, is three of the four domains that are guided by a second principle.


Mind - Guiding Principle: Unbound


*Your mind must be unbound by wills and desires outside of the cause of commitment.


*Your mind must be unbound by the foolishness of factional allegience and troublesome parliamentary politics.


*Your mind must not be restricted by anything or anyone, always open and ever watchful, yet, at the same time with enough willpower to resist the temptation to stray from the Greypath.


*One must have the mental fortitude to resist manipulation and corruption to lead one to embrace light or dark. One must mentally steadfast and vigilant in maintaining their composure and independent thoughts. One must remain along the Greypath.


*One must have the mental capability common sense and ethics to make critical decisions rather then moral standards and devious hidden motives. You cannot make said decisions based on good or bad, light or dark, does this benefit me? Is it right and just? Do I gain power? None of that. Critical decisions are a matter of balance and bravery. You must do your best to make the decision that will be best for things as a whole and do it with strong determination.


Body- Guiding Principle: Unbroken


*One cannot break under any circumstance by any outside forces that would try and steer them from the Greypath. Remember, pain is only a state of mind. It will only affect you if you let it.


*One must maintain a standard of living that allows them to retain independence and sole responsibility for their survival and their actions.


*One must work towards and know how to defend ones self with ease and make clear and decise decisions via an unbound mind.


*One must not let physical temptations and lovelusts steer them away from the Greypath.


*One must not allow themselves to die dishonorably, if there be a way, fight back and take your attacker with you to the grave.


*Never tremble in fear, bow before no one, kneel before no one, prostrate yourself before no one. Stand tall and strong and ever confident.


*Wear your imperfections with pride. A scar, a tattoo, a burn. Each has a story behind it that fills one with great honor.


Soul- Guiding Principle: Unyielding


*Remain ever determined, never give up.


*Accomplish your goals and make them happen or die trying.


*Be the last man if it comes down to the last man.


*Keep pushing forward and never fall.


*Never allow yourself to be held captive, for to allow such is a great dishonor. Only blood can attone for such a blatant act of cowardice, you shall paint yourself red in order to be grey again.


*Go down in burning flames of glory if need be.


*Never allow yourself to be swayed when certain in your correctness. Such failures to uphold the truth make for great instability and a loss of balance.


*Allow your soul to mix into the grey, do not restrain good or evil but let them mix together in order to form your own mortal soul.


*Do not hesitate to do good or even commit a necessary evil.


The Silver Trio (Mind, Body, and Soul) - Guiding Principle: Unknown


*Who we are, what we do. All must remain a secret.


*Nothing of our existence is meant to be known by outsiders.


*Never leave a trace.


*We are the guardian angels, we are everything and nothing, everyone and no one, everywhere and nowhere. We exist and therefore we do not. 

The Spirits of the Greypath


*The Bear Spirit (Ursin):

- Guding Principle: Unbroken

- Season: Spring

"Although the land hath bathed in frost, new growth emerges unscathed."

- Mortal Enemy: Mehrunes Dagon

- Gender: Male

- Symbol:

*Ursin is the head of the Greysworn Pantheon*


*The Wolf Spirit (Lun'ai):

- Guiding Principle: Unyielding

- Season: Fall

"And lo, though I exist in Oblivion's Shadow,  I fear not the finality of death, for it cannot take me, nor will I let it."

- Mortal Enemy: Hircine

- Gender: Female

- Symbol: The two upper "horns" of our logo, juxtaposed in a way so they look like reflected crescent moons {PIC COMING SOON IF POSSIBLE}

*The Eagle Spirit ( Soor'avel):

-Guding Principle: Unbound

-Season: Summer

"Into the skies, I take unto thee, to be unbound and forever free"

-Mortal Enemy: Molag Bal

- Gender: Male

-Symbol: The center dot with the two side wings connected into it {PIC COMING SOON IF POSSIBLE}

*The Fox Spirit (Zorva):

- Guiding Principle: Unknown

- Season: Winter

"To be just and seek not gratification, A heartwarming secret that aids those who are of need"

- Mortal Enemy: Vaermina

-Gender: Female

-Symbol: The bottom "horns" of our logo connected together at their base by a down-turned triangle {PIC COMING SOON IF POSSIBLE}


*The Bear Spirit (Ursin):
- Guding Principle: Unbroken
- Season: Spring
"Although the land hath bathed in frost, new growth emerges unscathed."
- Mortal Enemy: Mehrunes Dagon
- Gender: Male
- Symbol: A bear claw-like take of the round part of our logo { PIC COMING SOON IF POSSIBLE}
*Ursin is the head of the Greysworn Pantheon*

*The Wolf Spirit (Lun'ai):
- Guiding Principle: Unyielding
- Season: Fall
"And lo, though I exist in Oblivion's Shadow,  I fear not the finality of death, for it cannot take me, nor will I let it."
- Mortal Enemy: Hircine
- Gender: Female
- Symbol: The two upper "horns" of our logo, juxtaposed in a way so they look like reflected crescent moons {PIC COMING SOON IF POSSIBLE}
*The Eagle Spirit ( Soor'avel):
-Guding Principle: Unbound
-Season: Summer
"Unto the skies, I take unto thee, to be unbound and forever free"
-Mortal Enemy: Molag Bal
- Gender: Male
-Symbol: The center dot with the two side wings connected into it {PIC COMING SOON IF POSSIBLE}
*The Fox Spirit (Zorva):
- Guiding Principle: Unknown
- Season: Winter
"To be just and seek not gratification, A heartwarming secret that aids those who are of need"
- Mortal Enemy: Nocturnal 
-Gender: Female
-Symbol: The bottom "horns" of our logo connected together at their base by a down-turned triangle {PIC COMING SOON IF POSSIBLE}




 The Calligraphic: The Cult of Arugatheron Bloodmoon. 

 Calligraphism: The worship of Arugatheron Bloodmoon. 

The Assembly Era: The time in Bloodmoonic History where the Assembly governed many of guilds in Tamriel. 

The Summerset Dreamers: An Altmeri organization dedicated to lore gathering and treasure hunting. 

 The Tamrelic Assembly: AKA "The Assembly" A large organization of allied guilds that worked together to solve common issues that at the same time experienced deep rooted corruption.

House Skymountain: A minor Imperial House that boasts a fusion of Imperial and Nordic culture. The family is located in Bruma. 

House Shadowsworn: A heavily religious elven noble house that had strong ties to the Brotherhood during Assembly Era. Eviannya Shadowsworn, Mathaison Shadowsworn, Azeri Shadowsworn, and the adopted Si'lorn Shadowsworn (a Dunmer) are notable members of this house. (The similarity to Clan Shadowborn is merely a coincidence). They ceased to exist shortly before the emergence of the Starsong Tribe.

The Covenant of Rogues: A sub organization of the Brotherhood that organized both thieves and assassins in order to encourage coordination and friendship. It existed in Assembly Era Bloodmoon and was led by Drunard of High Rock.

House Bloodhawke: A honorable altmeri noble house that went from being a bitter rival to becoming one of the strongest allies of the Brotherhood. Notable members are Elizsha Bloodhawke and Khazanthel Bloodhawke.

Greyheart Keep: An abadoned fortress that was converted into the Brotherhood's headquarters during the Assembly Era. 

House Nyx: An altmeri noble house that is notorious for betrayal, corruption, meglomania, and dirty politics. They would be the ones to corrupt the Tamrielic Assembly, ultimately leading to the downfall of the once proud organization.

The Greyheart Syndicate: A loose alliance of guilds united simply by the common hated of the Tamrelic Assembly. They would be founded by the Brotherhood of Bloodmoon and the Knights of Auridon. They would encompass a plethora of guilds as time went on and would achieve victory over the Tamrielic Assembly.

The Knights of Auridon: A small altmeri Knightship founded as protectors of the smaller of the two Summerset Isles.

The Crimson Order: A fair, democratic alliance of guilds founded to replace and rectify the past mistakes of the Temrielic Assembly. It was founded by the Crimson Fang.

The Crimson Fang: A moderately sized, albeit powerful guild that was Orcish in origin. They prided themselves on peace, tolerance, and religion. 

The Scions of Ancestral Fate: A cult that believed in nihilistic revelations which were alleged to have been made by the Ancestral Spirits to a dunmer named Thymbrael. The "Prophet", Thymbrael would be he first true nemesis of the Brotherhood outside of Arugatheron Bloodmoon.

The Starsong Tribe: A Nomadic tribal confederation who lived in a state of controlled anarchy and subsisted off raiding. Their emergence led to the collapse of the guildscape and crippling of the Brotherhood of Bloodmoon. They were destroyed by the Imperial Legion.

Guildscape: The ever changing state of what guild exist at the given time. 

The Necromyst Matrix: A device of demonic origin that can store/contain energies. It is activated by blood and can corrupt the users with a form of demonic energy known as 'Necromyst'.

Necromyst: A type of demonic energy that takes the form of a green mist.

House Brightblade: An Altmeri noble house known for their dedication to the eight as well as their affinity for wielding both restoration magic as well as a blade. Kalead Brightblade and Order of the Rose stem from this elven house. 

The Order of the Rose: A religious Order, heavily impacted by the Altmeri nobility that was born out of the early instability of the Brotherhood as it splintered off into independence. They fought against the Brotherhood of Bloodmoon in a civil war between the two factions. 

Bloodmoonic Civil War: The civil war between the Brotherhood of Bloodmoon and the Order of the Rose who broke off from it.

"Rosebud" : Bloodmoonic slang for a member of the Order of the Rose. 

 Lore Name Changes








The Azerothian Dreamers 

The Horde Assembly 



House Shadowsworn 

Blackhand Templar 

 Horde Strike Force

Death Knight 



*No Change* (Khajiit)

*No Change* (Breton)

 Cydric (half Nord/half Imperial)

*No Change* (Altmer)

*No Change* (Altmer)

The Summerset Dreamers 

 The  Tamrielic Assembly 

Si'lorn (Altmer)

*No Change* (Altmer)

*No Change* (Altmeri House) 

Paladin of the Black  

 The Scions of Ancestral Fate

Pale Rider 

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