The Brotherhood of Bloodmoon


Code of Law

This page contains our rule, regulations, and basic information.

Description of Guild

The Brotherhood of Bloodmoon is a heavy RP guild, RP comes first and everything else second. We exist on the MMO, Elder Scrolls Online and had a lengthy past on World of Warcraft and a stint in Star Wars: The Old Republic

Guild Power Over Time

These go in numerical order from 1st,to the most recent.(OOC)

Guild Leader: Thunderblade (Vurkoth on SWTOR; Kvarkkin on ESO) *

2nd: 1. Myyah 2. Drunard 3. Draskk 4. Neerzlu 5.Draskk 6. Kohr 7. Alderath 8. Neerzlu 9. Laylona 10. Onrah 11. Neerzlu [SWTOR/WoW/ESO] * 12. Keldr

3rd: 1. Locomono 2. Saleandra 3. Saileon 4. Xcalibur 5. Onrah 6. Seuche 7. Arianwin 8. Alryn 9. Damarisin 10. Neerzlu 11. Eviannya 12. Damarisin [SWTOR/WOW/ESO] * 13. Kai

* = Longest Serving 


Guild Leader: Thunderbláde

Undying Horror:1.Myyah 2.Drunard 3.Draskk 4.Narzlu 5.Draskk6.Kohr 7. Alderath 8. Neerzlu 9. Laylona 10. Onrah

Wicked One:1.Locomono 2.Saleandra 3.Saileon 4.Xcalibur 5.Onrah6. Seuche 7.Arianwin 8. Alryn, 9. Damarisin 10. Neerzlu 11. Eviannya

Power Structure

 *Disclaimer: As of now, ESO only has a few rank slots. So only Ebon Nightmare, Undying Horror, Count, and Brother are in game*

 -The Bloodmoonic Court - 

  - Upper Court

  Ebon Nightmare: Kvarkkin 

Undying Horror: Keldr

Wicked One: Kai

 - Lower Court 


Count of Recruitment: 

Count of Foreign Affairs ("Diplomacy"):

 Count of Social Services(Guild Stability):

Lorekeeper (Lore):

 - The Brothers and Sisters

Black Paladin (IC Rank, See Lore Page)

Ceaseless (IC Rank, See Lore Page)

Rogue (IC Rank, See Lore Page)

Redwalker (IC Rank, See Lore Page)

Brother (Male member)

Sister (Female member)

Sinful Acolyte (New member) 

Elder Scrolls Online: Basic Information

HQ: [Name TBD] (Shadowfen)
Home City: N/A
Faction[OOC]: Ebonheart Pact
Faction[IC] : None
Affiliation: Freelance
Economic System: Mixed
Government: Bloodmoonic Monarchy (OOC), Bloodmoonic Monarchy(IC)
Anthem: N/A
Founded: 5/31/09
Type: RP (RP comes before everything else!)
Alignment: Chaotic-Neutral
Guild Motto:  Bræður bölvaðir, Bræður eilíft ( Brothers cursed, Brothers eternal)
 ^ It's in Icelandic, which is closest to old Norse. 
Guild Quotes:

"I rule with a caring bronze hand,I supply the copper,the bulk of the alloy,you supply a hint of tin, and together, we make an amazing new strong metal."
- Thunderbláde

"Prepare for the worst....hope for the best".
- Draskk
"I should've acted, I could've prevented, but we are here now and believe you me. We shall overcome."
- Thunderblade
"Forgive, but, never ever forget. If we don't learn from our history after all, we're bound to repeat it."
- Thunderblade

 None at the current moment.
None at the current moment.

Contact Information:
 - Ingame Chat
-Skype Channel (Ask someone currently in the Skype channel)
- Twitter (BHoBloodmoon@BHoBloodmoon)
- (Kvarkkin) 

Recruitment Policy

Our recruitment policy is relatively simple.

- We'll recruit anyone of any level as long as they have the willingness to RP (Or learn to!)

- That's also true for RP, as the Brotherhood is a motley crew of heroes (and villains) from all walks of life.

- Recruiters must make sure possible recruits have this willingness to RP.

- Recruiters should ask a bit about the recruit's character IC.

- Be sure to mention the Brotherhood is a relatively Chaotic-Neutral aligned guild.

- Be sure to mention the Brotherhood has no connection to the factions IC. 

-Be sure to mention what the Brotherhood is IC: "An ancient order that guards an ancient artifact called the Bloodmoon Tome. The Brotherhood also acts as unspoken protectors of Nirn and also gather powerful relics to keep them out of the hands of the mortal races." 

- Be sure to mention any other RP facts that are necessary (left to the discretion of the recruiter) 

- Recruiters should mention how the Brotherhood allows you to start a storyline at any time.

- Recruiters should also comment on the culture of the guild.

- Recruiters should make sure that any other guilds which the possible recruits are in are fine and will not cause a major conflict with the Brotherhood.

-Recruiters should also ask any other questions they deem important to ask (this is left to the discretion of the recruiter so there can be multiple perspectives on recruitment) 

- Above all. Don't be uber professional. We're a Brotherhood, not a business. We want to keep that fun feel we have. So be nice, be kind, and make the recruit like you. 

How To Be Successful In The Brotherhood

1. Participate.

2. Don't wait for the RP to come to you, seek it out.

3. Don't cause drama, adhere to the few rules we have.

4. Don't complain if things don't go your way, the Brotherhood rewards those who help themselves.

5. The more you put yourself out there, the more you become known. If you want to become a major part of Bloodmoon RP, participate a lot in RP and that includes simple guild chat.

6. You are allowed to start an RP at any time. We are a guild with a lot of liberty, don't feel afraid to put yourself out there. 


Bloodmoonic Code

 - Original 8 Tenants

1. Be respectful towards your fellow brothers and the Brotherhood itself.

2. Do not withdraw Items from the guild bank and sell for profit. If you are caught doing this, you'll be severely punished

3.Respect your officers and they will respect you. Insubordination will NOT be tolerated.

4. RP is RP do not take it personally. It is just someone's character, they are most likely not actually like that in reality. Remember this rule, it is probably THE most important.

5. Guild chat is for "In Character" chat (IC) and officer is for "Out of Character" chat (OOC).

6. You must participate in Roleplay, this is a Roleplaying guild. Roleplay comes before everything else.

7. Treason shall not and will not be tolerated under any circumstance. If it is out of character you will be punished severely and likewise but in an IC way if it is IC.

8. If anyone purposely OOCs in Guildchat,an "X" will be put in an officer note over your name, 2= demotion 3=boot , if it was an accident, just say "oops!"  and all will be forgiven.

- Bloodmoon Amendments ( Laws added on later)

9 .[Officer Bank Request Act]*effective as of 1-3-2010* If you want a item in the guild bank,you must ask a officer to get it for you,this is in response to the recent robbery by disgruntled guild members whom were quite greedy.

10.[Prosperity Act] *Effective as of 2-9-2010* All Members are now encouraged to donate at least 5g to the guild bank for our next tab,all Officers and above are required to donate at least 5g or more.

*Edited 1/22/11 

11.[Ranking Requirements]*Effective as of 2-9-10* These are posted at the top of the page. Theses new requirments are to ensure loyalty to Bloodmoon. ****[DEAD]****

12. [Survivalist's Writ] 5/31/09 (this has been in effect throughout the guild's existence, but it was never official) The Brotherhood of Bloodmoon shall and will survive at ANY cost. This is one of the ways that the Brotherhood embodies our principle "Unyielding".

13.[Saileon Act]*Effective as of 6/6/10* This law sets a recruitment cap, once the cap is reached no else may be recruited, there are exceptions to this however.Exceptions: Alts,People who were promised a spot,and ED refugees. See list of recruitment rules entitled "Saileon Act" below for more details. Recruits must adhere to recruitment guidelines. 

-  Generation Three: Safe Haven Amendment * modified  on 2/08/14* The G3: SH Amendment adds World of Warcaft Refugees to be added to the list of Exceptions. Furthermore, select individuals have been either reserved a slot or have been forever blacklisted. Note that if a person on the reserved list belongs to, or had once belonged to a guild on the blacklist, they are still exempt and reserved regardless. As of Bloodmoon Gen V, we have cleared the blacklist and reserved and replaced it with a clean slate.


Current Cap: ( TBD )


14.[Spam Prevention Act] *Effective as of 7/31/10*  This law inputs a three strike policy to  intentional spamming, if you spam once, you're punished. Twice, punished harshly. Thrice and you will be removed.

15.[Drama Prevention Act] *Effective as  of 7/31/10* This law inputs penalties for major and minor  OOC drama. Minor drama shall be punished harshly and will include a three strike rule. Major drama is zero tolerance, if you ignite the entire guild in a hateful argument for example? You're gone.

16. [ERP Prevention Act] *Effective as of 11/17/10, Modified as of 2/8/14* This makes public ERP officially illegal within the Brotherhood of Bloodmoon.If you are caught ERPing, you will be booted and blacklisted or alternatively punished severely. Public settings include guild chat and officer chat.  However, what you do IC in party chat with another member is your private business. We understand the nature of RP romances can lead to story element ERP. 

17.[ Guild Bank Slot Proposal] *Effective as of 11/17/10, modified as of 2/8/14* A experimental procedure, withdrawing 15 items from the GB every so often in order to maintain some space for newer items. Profits made from such items will be deposited back into the guild bank. This only goes into effect when the bank becomes heavily cluttered.

18.[Roleplay Fighting Policy] *Effective as of 11/17/10* The Brotherhood believes in emote RP fights, since they are the most RP in depth. Keep in mind that roll and normal duels for RP purposes are not banned, but are discouraged.

19.[Godmoding Prevention Act]*Effective as of 1/22/11* Godmoding is a serious crime in the Roleplaying community, and so it is now officially in the Brotherhood. If you are caught intentionally godmoding three times you will be booted. Certain actions are justified with the agreement of other participants in said RP.


Fun Facts

The Brotherhood of Bloodmoon originally got its name from the TES III: Morrowind expansion called "Bloodmoon".

While the guild switched servers twice and game three times with a total number of five moves, the guild leader (me) has moved six times.

Guild: (WoW) Emerald Dream-->(WoW) Wymrest Accord--> (SW:TOR) Rubat Crystal --> (SW:TOR) Ebon Hawk --> (WoW) Wyrmrest Accord --> Elder Scrolls Online

Thunder: (WoW) Alterac Mtns.--> (WoW) Emerald Dream --> (WoW) Wyrmrest Accord--> (SW:TOR) Rubat Crystal --> (SW:TOR) Ebon Hawk --> (WoW) Wyrmrest Accord--> Elder Scrolls Online

The Brotherhood originated on the online game "The World of Warcraft".

OOCly, the Brotherhood has never lost a war. ICly, on WoW we only lost one. On SWTOR we never had one. On ESO we intend to go undefeated.

Our fight song on SWTOR was, "Vode An" debut in the video game "Star Wars: Republic Commando".

Guild Emblems During Different Periods: 



Weekly RP: Every Friday at 8 ET (7CT, 6MT, 5PT)

[Insert Name Here] : (Move from ED to WrA) Lore coming soon!

[Insert Name Here] : (Cataclysm) Lore coming soon!

The Festval of Blood: (Founding) Lore coming soon!

[Insert Name Here] : (Collapse of Old Bloodmoon)

[Insert Name Here] : (ESO) 

Holidays: WoW

  Weekly RP: Every Friday at 8ET (7CT, 6MT, 5PT)

   Shadowfang Memorium: On Feburary 19th, the Brotherhood gathers near Shadowfang Keep in the Silverpine Forest to remember those who perished in a battle involving it many years ago. (OOCly it's the anniversary of BOBM's move to WrA from ED on 2/19/11)

  The Shattering Day: Ever November 23rd, the Brotherhood gathers in the Stonetalon Mountains to remember those who lost their lives during the great Cataclysm. The Brothers light candles and attach them to balloons to symbolize souls moving on to the afterlife.( Commemorating the Cataclysm expansion on WoW, 11/23))

 The Festival of Blood:  Celebrate the founding of the Brotherhood over 10,000 years ago. This takes place in whereever the Brotherhood has it's HQ at the time on May 31st. (Celebrates BoBM's founding on 5/31/11)

  Of Martyrdom: Remember those who gave their lives in the Brotherhood's final assault against the forces of Arugetheron Bloodmoon and honor their bravery despite the rest of world being ignorant to the actions that occured in Ashenvale that day. (Our original move to SWTOR 12/20/11 / The Collapse of Old Bloodmoon)

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