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((Hope this is ok to post here)

Imera was nervous as she made her way onto Zaechi's ship. She knew the younger girl was expecting her, so she didn't worry about knocking, but she hesitated before entering the main room, unsure of how her friend would take her big news. Taking a deep breath to steady herself, she stepped in, calling out. "Z, ya home girly?"

Z stepped out of the medbay yawning and blinking. "Hey, Mera...guess I dozed off..." The older girl smiled.

"No worries, you need it. Hows our patient, hmm?" Immera sighed as Z looked away from her. "Still no sign of waking, huh?" She pulled her friend into a hug. "He's gonna pull through this Zae, I promise...Let me just check his vitals and all, then I need to talk to you...kinda have some big news."

Zaechi wiped away a tear and nodded, chuckling a bit "Did Varr propose or something?" 

Mera blushed as she stepped into the medbay and started going over all of the monitors around Vurk. "Not exactly..."

"You're fidgeting, Mer...what's up?"

"Well....ok but if your big guy wakes up, you've got to wait and let Varr tell him the news, ok? I think it'd be better that way.."

"Geeze you act like you're pregnant or something...."

Silence fell over the room, broken only by the medical equipment. "OH!" Zae finally added. "Well...congratulations!" The smaller woman sank into a chair beside Vurkoth's still form. "Have you told...well...anyone else yet?"

"No..." Mera sighed, leaning against the wall. "We're kind of keeping this hush offense but we'd rather your dad didnt find out."

"Uh...yeah, none taken, can't blame you there. So how are you going to handle this?"

"Well...we're going to settle down...find my mothers family if we can. Last I heard they were still on Tatooine. Thats where we plan to go. We'll make sure you and Vurk can get ahold of us...and Big Red is gonna ask Lil Red to come with us to finish his training."

Zae nodded silently. "Aww Z...." Mera sighed, seeing the look of sadness crossing her face. "We'll keep in touch, don't worry. Its just that we can't raise our child this way..."

"I know...its ok. I'd ask to come with you...but right now we need to be where I can get help if Vurk takes a turn....and you know once he's awake he's not going to want to retire like that. My place is at his side."

Immera nodded a bit. 

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Posts: 3

(Everyone please feel free to jump in...drop by the ship (or, y'know, wake up, if you're already there =P)

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