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The Keep


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Guild Meetings every Sunday at 8:30 pm ET.

Festival of Blood Celebration

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This saturday will be the Festival of Blood, the holiday marking the Brotherhood's founding. This year especially important as it is our 5th anniversary. We'll be having an IC celebration that day at 9pm ET (8pm CT, 7pm MT, 6pm PT). Please try to make every effort to attend.

Lore Update

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 Lore up to the founding of the Order of the Rose now converted.

Greyheart Complete

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 Chapters VI and VII and now live, I'll begin on WrA's RPs tomorrow.

Lore Update

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Book I - Chapter V: Spiritwalker is now live.

Lore Update

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Book I - Chapter IV is now live.

Website Update IV: Elder Scrolls Lore

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*Added "The Librarian" to ESO Lore, ready for reading.

*Changed Book I to "On Eagle's Wings

ESO Bloodmoon Lore Update: Religion

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More Lore on Bloodmoon's Religion:

As you know, I was going more for the "Old Ways" of the Nords rather than the modern Tamrielic Pantheon of Gods. Bloodmoon's religion, which will be called as a whole "Greysworn" with all that it consists of being in "The Greypath". We're keeping the current Greypath lore, just, ya know, modifying it to make it more Elder Scrollsish. The following are new additions to make it more the "Old Ways"/ Dunmeri Ancestor Veneration fusion that I'm going for. Right now, here are the additions, specifically of the Old Ways, so far.

*The Bear Spirit (Ursin):

- Guding Principle: Unbroken

- Season: Spring

"Although the land hath bathed in frost, new growth emerges unscathed."

- Mortal Enemy: Mehrunes Dagon

- Gender: Male

- Symbol: A bear claw-like take of the round part of our logo { PIC COMING SOON IF POSSIBLE}

*Ursin is the head of the Greysworn Pantheon*

*The Wolf Spirit (Lun'ai):

- Guiding Principle: Unyielding

- Season: Fall

"And lo, though I exist in Oblivion's Shadow,  I fear not the finality of death, for it cannot take me, nor will I let it."

- Mortal Enemy: Hircine

- Gender: Female

- Symbol: The two upper "horns" of our logo, juxtaposed in a way so they look like reflected crescent moons {PIC COMING SOON IF POSSIBLE}

*The Eagle Spirit ( Soor'avel):

-Guding Principle: Unbound

-Season: Summer

"Unto the skies, I take unto thee, to be unbound and forever free"

-Mortal Enemy: Molag Bal

- Gender: Male

-Symbol: The center dot with the two side wings connected into it {PIC COMING SOON IF POSSIBLE}

*The Fox Spirit (Zorva):

- Guiding Principle: Unknown

- Season: Winter

"To be just and seek not gratification, A heartwarming secret that aids those who are of need"

- Mortal Enemy: Nocturnal 

-Gender: Female

-Symbol: The bottom "horns" of our logo connected together at their base by a down-turned triangle {PIC COMING SOON IF POSSIBLE}

Weekly RP

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I won't be able to attend this weekend's RP seeing as I have family coming down this weekend. Neerzlu or Taharian will be in charge of the event this week.

Update: Chapter XIX

Posted by Kvarkkin on December 4, 2012 at 4:05 PM Comments comments (0)

       Bloodmoon Book 19 has begun! Entitled "Our Beginning, Our End, Our Rebirth". It will consist of the IC rebuilding of Bloodmoon and its quest to restore the very thing which resulted in its existence. I have also posted a trailer for it.

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